MTN Bis Subscription Now rocking on iPhones/iPad & PC

Good day readers. Since the Ending of june till date MTN Bis has been blazing on all device. Previously, I posted a working MTN tweak for PC users, I did same for android users, so what's left now is for you to calm down and select the best one that serves you well.

For months now, iPad and iPhone users have been complaining badly, that I hardly post and of their related tutorials here, and it wasn't fair. Well, the more reason that we have 90% of android users, than iPhone users is what kept me in that condition, but seems like I would ammend that soonest. So iPhone/iPad users, get ready to see your tutorials posted on this blog soonest.

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How to setup the tweak for PC Users:

NB: Remember that I posted MTN Tweak with the use of Simpleserver program, so if you're already using the tweak, this one I would posting, won't be needed.

Step 1: First download the XT file and extract into a folder in your desktop.

Step 2: Then you're to click on app and then also click on listen.

Step 3: Finally, move to your browser,

Go to, Tools => Option => Advanced => Network => and then select settings.
Then tick the manual proxy configuration box and use as proxy address and 8080 as port.

Then save and connect your modem. Make sure that the APN of your modem is set to

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How to setup the tweak on iPhones/iPads:

First Download the Openvpn file and then extract the .opvn into your openvpn inbox, then input your username and password.

You can check
Username: vpnbook
Password: spa5urEp

Then use the blackberry default apn in the openvpn configuration.
You can then connect and start blazing.

NB: The MTN Daily and Monthly BIS equally gives you 3GB. And the daily bis is just for #120, while the monthly is just for #1000. To subscribe for their daily Bis, simply sms BBDAY to 21600 and for monthly, BBC to 21600.

If you find any difficulty in the above setup, don't hesitate to let us know.

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MTN Bis Subscription Now rocking on iPhones/iPad & PC
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Great article. Thanks for posting. I have gained a lot.

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bros,this thing no work,i followed ur instructions, yet no result...i wonder when i ll break thru in this free browsing u have a solution!