MTN Bis Subscription Now rocking on Symbian Phones

MTN Bis tweak keeps rocking on all device, not quite an hour ago, I published a working MTN Bis tweak that rocks on iPhones/iPads and PC. Today's stroll, I would brief you on the setup of the MTN Bis on symbian device with the use of Simpleserver program.

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How to setup the MTN Bis Tweak on Symbian device:

First Download Simpleserver for symbian

Goto settings, Then Create new access point With The following Details:-
Port:- 8080

Now Open The simpleserver app

Acess Point:- choose the access point name you created
i.e Mtn

Local Host:-
Local Port:- 8080

Click On
HTTP Query:-

Frontquery:- None

Middle Qury:- None

Back Query:- None

Reverse Query:- None

Inject Query:-

Inject Method:- HEAD

Inject Newline:- \r\n

Inject SplitLINE:- Default

Click on HTTP Header:-
Add/Del/Rep Header 1 :
Add/Del/Rep Header 1 :

Add/Del/Rep Header 2 :

Add/Del/Rep Header 2 : none
Add/Del/Rep Header 3 :

Others should be : None

Click On server Config:-

Fetch Server:- none
Keep Server:- None
Url Replacer:- None
Advaced Mode:- yes
Tunel Proxy:- No
Https Connection:- yes
Server Buffer:- 1024
Screen size:- Normal
Proxy Host:-
Proxy Port:- 8080

Exit and Open it again
You can use any of the browsers, Ucweb, Opera,
then Connect with the access point you created

Leave Exit, then Open it again::::::::::::::::
Now goto your Ucweb, Opera then Connect with the access point you created In the first Place and start surfing..

NB: The MTN Daily and Monthly BIS equally gives you 3GB. And the daily bis is just for #120, while the monthly is just for #1000. To subscribe for their daily Bis, simply sms BBDAY to 21600 and for monthly, BBC to 21600.

If you find any difficulty in the above setup, don't hesitate to let us know.

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MTN Bis Subscription Now rocking on Symbian Phones
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