Nigerians Bad, Very Bad Experience With Airtel Network

Airtel one of the largest telecommunication Network in Nigeria and Africa, with Billions of users all over Nigeria and Africa has been in existences for more than 10years.

The experience of the Airtel network in some years back has been so devastating and frustrating in some parts of Nigeria , while in some part of it is partially good.

In terms of network strength and ability to make calls at anytime and any day in the country is very good, but in this modern days , people don't fancy buying Sim cards only for the strength for making call but for the Network browsing speed. Most business centers make use of other telecom Network rather than airtel because of the speed when surfing the internet.
One very bad news about Airtel experience is the rate at which they extort their customer’s data bundle is very surprising.

I can’t imagine myself subscribing for the Airtel 4GB data plan which is to last for 2 months, only to find out that it is being used within 3 days. Even without downloading large files with it.

Airtel is one of the most disastrous network in general statistics in Nigeria. It’s a sluggish network in terms of browsing and sometimes it misbehaves in calling too. The strength of the EDGE network is terrible at day time due to previous comments and experience , but at Night it is twice fast than it could have been in the day time, why is this so? The 3G at day time is like EDGE network , the downloading speed of airtel is next to Nothing , because it takes forever to download a huge file even when using the 3G network.

The only advantage that individuals notice in Airtel network is the fact that it gives much better plans than other network with just  little sum of money, but if the network of Airtel was much better than it presently is now, it will correspond and Airtel will gain a lot from it.

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Being an Airtel user, you have to be very patience to wait for the Night before u can continue your online business which is a bad news,  though some areas do experience Airtel 4G network , twice as fast than you could ever think about. In does regions you'll enjoy the network being unaware of what it seems like outside of the area.
Airtel can do better by rehabilitating the entire Network to function effectively in the business of the modern days.

What’s your opinion about Airtel network? Any good or bad experience with them? Would love to hear from you guys in the comment section.

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Nigerians Bad, Very Bad Experience With Airtel Network
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24 November 2014 at 19:58 delete

That was a nice revelation. You really hit the point, all your points are well on spot.
After all my experiences with airtel, I felt like chewing the sim card. Their network speak is annoyingly slow, you can only browse at night. I can't even make my calls comfortably with that line.
I just pray they realise these anomalies and strive to make amendments.

Thanks for painstakingly compiling such a nice article.

24 November 2014 at 20:57 delete

Good to see you hear, it is true that airtel frustrates Nigerians with poor browsing network which is also annoying but if you ask me, I think it's a general problem because almost all the network providers in Nigeria have this issue. Though we no longer get d value for our money but I think we should take it up with all network providers not only airtel if we want to see change.
Lovely article

24 November 2014 at 22:33 delete

Lol, Ngwu, it's nice to have you here.

it's truly a very devastating experience with Airtel network. hope they bring changes.

24 November 2014 at 22:38 delete

Hello Bob,

You are right. it's common within other telecommunication, but that of Airtel is going to far. Hope they make an amend.

Thanks for stopping by.

28 November 2014 at 12:03 delete

after using airtel for over 3 years , i finally decided to drop them after i couldnt access the internet for 3days due to poor connection..

I'm currently using MTN and the speed is amazing..

Airtel need to work more on their internet speed else they will lose more customers as the day goes by.

28 November 2014 at 19:16 delete

Even a common snail is faster than airtel network. I can't even remember where I kept the sim. That is if rat never chop am sef