Best Internet Data Plans for All Internet Enabled Device

Nigeria internet service providers do change their internet data plan offers, that is the more reason who always update you guys with the best internet data bundles to go for within the year and a recommended plan that works on all internet enabled device.

Previously, I published a tutorial that details the best internet data plans for all device, and that was back in 2014, but due to some little changes, I decided to update the article (which is this one you are reading now) and brief you guys about the best internet data plans for all internet enabled devices. Just stay cool, read through and select the best of the best amongst them. For blackberry users, all your internet BIS plans is cool expect that of airtel, so stick to any of Glo Bis, MTN Bis or Etisalat Bis.

The Best Internet Data Plans and their Activation/Subscription Codes for All Internet Enabled Device

4.  Etisalat Plans from Data Resellers

Purchasing Etisalat internet data plans from data resellers is quite cheap and works on all internet enabled device. You can get upto 1GB plan with just #1,200. This plan is the least data plan in our list, that's why it's ranking as the 4th best. Read more about data resellers and how to purchase the plan from them via here.

3. Glo Monthly 3GB Plan (Strictly for Android Users)

The Glo 3GB BIS plan is actually a blackberry plan that has worked in most android phones. It's a very useful plan and it lasts. For upto a year now, Glo bis data plans have been working on android phones, but before it works on any android phone, that smart phone imei have to be changed to blackberry imei. You can change the imei number of your android phone to blackberry from here. To opt-in for Glo monthly Bis plan, simply dial *777*9# and only 1K would be deducted from your account.

2. MTN 4.5GB Plan (Not the Mid-Night Plan)

The MTN 4.5GB data plan works on all internet enabled device. It's a pretty cool internet data plan offer. This have same similarities with the MTN mid-night plan but differs a little. The plan actually have two divisions, 3GB plan which is strictly for night usage and 1.5GB which is strictly for the day usage. At night, from 9pm to 6am, the 3GB data plan counts, while during the day, from 6.01am to 8.59pm, then the 1.5GB plan counts.
The Mtn 4.5GB plan goes for #2,500 and to opt-in, simply dial *120#.

1. Glo 4.5GB plan (Best plan in our list)

The Glo 4.5GB plan is one of the latest glo internet data plan. This is a promo plan and to opt-in, you have to first migrate to Glo Overload package, where you would be given 200% of every recharge. To migrate, simply dial *200#. You can read more details about the Glo overload promo from here.

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Best Internet Data Plans for All Internet Enabled Device
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