70 Important Full Forms of Run Commands for Windows

Run Commands is a very useful function to the PC. It is used to directly open an application or document whose path is known. Its function is said to be more or less like a single line, that is, the command line interface.

Today, I would provide you guys with over 70 important full forms of Run Commands for windows and there functions.

70 Important Full Forms of Run Commands for Windows

secpol.msc > Local Security Settings
control keyboard > Keyboard Properties
ipconfig/renew > Renew IP Configuration Settings
ipconfig/release > Cancels IP Configuration
ipconfig/flushdns > Removes the content of DNS cache
ipconfig/displaydns > Displays the DNS settings
ipconfig/all > Displays the IP configuration
inetcpl.cpl > Internet Properties
IExpress > IExpress .Cab file generator
mshearts > Hearts card game
Joy.cpl > Game Controllers
freecell > FreeCell card game
fonts > Windows fonts folder
control folders > Folder options
sigverif > Verification of signatures of file
Eventvwr.msc > Event Viewer
check > Mange the verification of drivers
drwtsn32 > Dr. Watson
control color > Display Appearance properties
control desktop > Display properties
diskpart > Partition manager
diskmgmt.msc > Disk Management
dfrg.msc > Disk Defragmenter
dxdiag > Display System Information
cleanmgr > Disk cleanup
directx.cpl > DirectX Control Panel
devmgmt.msc > Device Manager
ddeshare > DDE active sharing
compmgmt.msc > Computer Management
dcomcnfg > Service components
cmd > Command Prompt

chkdsk > Checking Disk
charmap > Character
certmgr.msc > Certificate Manager
calc > Calculator
fsquirt > Bluetooth file transfer
wuaucpl.cpl > Automatic Windows updates
control admintools > Administrative tools
appwiz.cpl > Add/Remove Programs
hdwwiz.cpl > Add Hardware
access.cpl > Accessibility Options
logoff > Log Off computer
winchat > Microsoft chat
control mouse > Properties of mouse
control NetConnect > Network Connections
netsetup.cpl > Network Configuration
packager > Manage links
OSK > On-Screen keyboard
perfmon.msc > Monitor performance
powercfg.cpl > Power Options
control printers > Printer and Fax properties
regedit > Registry Editor
mstsc > Remote Desktop Connection
ntmsmgr.msc > Removable Storage
sticpl.cpl > Scanners and Camera
control schedtasks > Scheduled Tasks
wscui.cpl > Security Center
shutdown > Turn off your computer
mmsys.cpl > Sounds and Audio Devices
sysedit > System Configuration Editor
msconfig > System Configuration Utility
taskmgr > Task Manager
nusrmgr.cpl > Users Accounts
sysdm.cpl > System Properties
write > Microsoft Wordpad
timedate.cpl > Date and Time Properties

The above shows the important list of Run Commands for windows that you should know. With the above commands, you can run any program in just a click.

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70 Important Full Forms of Run Commands for Windows
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