[Latest trick] How to Use MTN BIS on Android Phones

For over 8 months, MTN BIS have been working perfectly on any android phone. The tweak has really lasted for a long while and I decided to re-publish the tweak again for those who aren't still aware of the tweak.

MTN Bis works on android through the use of Simple server program or troidvpn. Previously, I published an article that details information on how to make use of MTN BIS on PC/Laptop with the use of simple server; I also provided a video tutorial to back up the tweak for easy understanding. So if you own a PC/Laptop, then I advise you take a stroll to that article. Today's stroll, I would brief you guys on how to make use of Mtn Bis on android with either simple server program or troidvpn.

Before any setup, first subscribe to MTN BBMID PLAN with any of the below subscription data.

» To subscribe SEND 'BBMIDID' to '21600' (N100)

Once you have subscribed to any of the above MTN blackberry plan, then you are good to follow any of the below methods to use MTN Bis on your android phone.

How to Use MTN Bis on Android with Simple Server Program

» First download the Simple Server app from here, and install on your android phone.

» After that, go to settings from your app drawer, then move to your mobile network and create new APN settings with the below details:

APN- web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net
Port- 8080
Save your settings.

» Then open your simple server app and configure it with the below setup.

Pproxy host-
Proxy Port- 8080
Injection Method- get
Injection querry/url- http://web.blackberry.com
Injection Host- web.blackberry.com
Injection line- tap the enter key 4 times
Log leve- debug
After that, minimize the settings and click on the connect button.

That's all for simple server setup. You can now enjoy the MTN Bis plan on your android phone with the above setup. As for the troidvpn setup, simply follow the below instructions.

How to use MTN Bis on Android with TroidVPN

I won't like to waste much time on this trick, so I would like you to read a detail post about using MTN bis on android with troidVPN from here.

Hope this tweak helps? At least it would help you spend less on data plan. If you're still looking for more alternatives to spend less on internet data plans with much stress on setup or tweaking, you can simply get cheap data plans from data-resellers. As cheap as N500 worth plan that can last you a full month.

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[Latest trick] How to Use MTN BIS on Android Phones
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Nice information, thanks for sharing.

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Da guru can the simple andriod server work with mtn BBLITED plan ????

8 October 2016 at 09:17 delete

hey guruswizard does those tricks work in all countries or it's just in nigeria.how abt rwanda (mtn),can it work there??!?