Best Lollipop Custom ROMs for All Android Devices

Installation of Custom roms on various model of android device can be so handy, in the sense that, custom roms helps adapt the features of a later operating system and also includes some other captivating features, which also includes simplicity, better user experience and stunning interface.

There are lots of custom roms, Lollipop custom roms precisely, that are available on various models of android devices, like your Nexus, Samsung galaxy, LG, OnePlus One, Android One, Motorola and so many other models of android device.

You can take a stroll to some topics regarding to installation of Lollipop custom Roms;

Best Lollipop Custom ROMs for All Android Devices

1.     CyanogenMod 12/12.1 ROM
The CyanogenMod ROM stands to be the best lollipop ROM ever; because it has more recommendation by Google compared others. This lollipop custom rom is also said to come with great stability and easy customization by users. 

The Cyanogenmod rom enhances some other beneficial such as;
  • Ability to personalize the Status Bar.
  • Options to configure Buttons. You can enable On-Screen buttons like before.
  • Ability to edit the Power menu.
  • Option to wake your device using the volume keys.
  • Playback control with volume keys!
  • Ability to add multiple profiles using the System Profiles menu.
  • Much more of free RAM.
  • Quick-toggles.
  • Change the Notification Lights.
  • Change the Battery Lights.
  • Color Enhancement option.
Gapps>> Download And Install Google Apps on Cyanogenmod 12 CM12 ROM

Installation of this Rom would do you a great good, and it would definitely change the taste of your android device, in other words, don’t dull it.

2.     Resurrection Remix ROM
The resurrection remix rom is said to be one of the best lollipop custom rom. The custom rom has great stability and customization, with loads of improvement like the CM12. This custom rom has some lots of unique features and also supports OTA updates, that is, Support to get notified Over-the-Air about new releases of Resurrection Remix ROM for your device is included in the source. 

Gapps >> Download and Install Google Apps (Gapps) on Resurrection Remix Custom ROM

The resurrection remix custom rom is also battery friendly, that is, even with so many customizations and features available, the ROM is very battery-friendly. They avoid battery hogging features. The rom also has All-in-one features, that is, Resurrection Remix ROM has a mix of features from many ROMs, including Paranoid Android, Omni, Slim and AOKP.

3.     Slimsaber Lollipop ROM
SlimSaber or SlimLP is one of the best android custom roms like the Cyanogen, AICP and other custom roms among the Android community.

The SlimSaber Lollipop (LP) also enhances great features, stability and customization of the Android Lollipop operating system, and the material design of this ROM is quite outstanding, compared to other custom roms. The source code of the custom rom is also optimized completely and gives the best performance of battery life.

Gapps>> Download and Install Google Apps (Gapps) on SlimSaber LP Custom ROM

Features of SlimSaber Lollipop;
-          Compiled with a custom toolchain Sabermod for more performance and better battery life.
-          Compiled with the most GCC optimization level -O3.
-          Compiled with strict-aliasing compiler optimization.
-          Added patches to fix GCC strict-aliasing violation rules.
-          Added ARMv7 and Cortex-A9 optimized string handling routines for more smoothness and more memory optimization.
-          Added zzmoove governor to the SlimKernel.
-          Added some AOSP fixes and improvements.
-          Added some VanirAOSP fixes and improvements.
-          Disabled SQLite fsync to increase I/O performance. And many more…

Apart from the above custom roms being highlighted, there are other cool custom roms for android device, such as the, Blisspop ROM, AICP ROM, Paranoid ROM, Euphoria ROM, AOKP ROM, Carbon ROM etc.

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Best Lollipop Custom ROMs for All Android Devices
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