How to Install Android M Preview on Nexus 7 (Easy Guide)

The installation guide of Android M Preview on nexus 7 is quite an easy one.

Talking about Android M, it is a recently launched android operating system that Google announced in its annual I/O conference keynote presentation. This operating system comes with great stability and improved usability.

  The Android M is said to attain the below features;
  •  Android Pay (mobile payments)
  •  Finger print scan support
  •  App permission
  •  New app & charging functions
  •  Redesigned App drawer
  •  Multi-windows
  •  Upgraded Android Intents System.
  •  Linking Native Apps with Chrome
  •  Doze- Save power in sleep mode
  •  Customized Volume control…
Previously, I brief you guys about Android M launcher on any android device. Today's stroll, I would brief you guys on how to install Android M developers' preview on Nexus 7.

How to Install Android M Preview on Nexus 7 (Easy Guide)

Step 1: Download MultiROM from here, and install it. (Read here, to know about the installation procedures)

Step 2: Next, download the Android M Preview for Nexus 7 from here, and move to the internal memory of your phone.

Step 3: After that, boot your device into recovery mode via MultiROM, then select Advance >> MultiRom >> Add Rom.

Step 4: After that, choose “zip file” and then select the Android M Preview that you downloaded in step 2, and then install it.

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 Once the installation is completed, then you can be able to switch easily between your original ROM to Android M Preview and vice versa. If you have any related problem regarding to this brief tutorial, than I advise you follow up the thread via here.

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How to Install Android M Preview on Nexus 7 (Easy Guide)
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