Best MTN Internet Data Bundle for Smartphones and PC (2015)

MTN still remains one of the best internet service providers in some part of African like Nigeria. They’ve one of the most affordable home phone internet bundle and some other affordable plans for smartphones and PC.

Previously, I published some MTN free internet tricks to use on PC via simple server, and I know that most of you would be flexing the trick by now, if not, I advise you read the setup guide and start flexing. For android users I advise you check here for the MTN free internet trick via simple server application.

Today’s stroll, I would brief you guys about the best MTN internet data bundle plan for smartphones and PC.

1.       MTN Smartphone Plan
The MTN smartphone plan still remains the best MTN data plan subscription that you can use even on PC. This plan offers you 4.5GB for just N2,500. The 4.5GB plan is subdivided into two segment, 3GB for night usage and 1.5GB for day usage, in other words, during the day time (7am – 8:59pm) MTN would deduct data from the 1.5GB and from (9pm – 6:59am) at night, data would be deducted from the 3GB data.

To opt-in for this plan, simply dial *120# or send 120 to 131.

2.       MTN Night plan
This data plan offer is almost similar with the MTN smartphone plan, same price, same data plan offer but different usage process.

The MTN night plan gives 3GB plan with an extra 1.5GB data which can be used anytime. The downside of this offer is that, during the day and at night, MTN deducts from the bonus plan and once it’s finished, you would be able to operate only on the 3GB data, which is used strictly at nights.

To opt-in this plan, simply dial *102# or send 102 to 131.

To check your data balance, simply text 2 to 131, and dial *559# to check bonus balance.

Hope this helps? For android users, I advise you go with imei tweaking, and get 3GB for any latest smartphone brand that partners with MTN, like the infinix, tecno etc. Learn how to change your android imei here.

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Best MTN Internet Data Bundle for Smartphones and PC (2015)
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