Blackberry Blend v1.2 for Windows and Mac (Free Download)

Blackberry blend in general, is a manager that brings all your Text messages and text BBM from your BlackBerry to the integrated messaging hub on your computer and tablet. You can easily get instant notification, read, write or even respond an inbox from any productive device. However, you can easily do without your blackberry smartphone in terms of being notified.

You can easily connect blackberry blend via wireless (Wi-Fi or cellular) connection, or through the USB port on your computer. However, your Blackberry ID would be connected to your computer and Blackberry Blend, and you’re good to go.

Previously, BlackBerry had Blend version 1.2 available for the Beta Zone users for a while. BlackBerry has now pushed the Blend update to all users for Android, Blackberry 10, and iOS.

Updated Features in Blackberry Blend v1.2
  •          Dashboard and application navigation redesign
  •          Ability to reply directly to BBM and SMS messages from within notification pop-ips
  •          Visual enhancements to file transfers
  •          Spell check support
  •          Support for portrait mode for tablets
  •          Performance improvements and bug fixes

Where to download Blackberry Blend v1.2?

Blackberry Blend v1.2 for windows (Download Here)
Blackberry Blend v1.2 for Mac (Download Here)

Once you’ve already downloaded the blackberry blend from Blackberry app word, then the recent update would be pushed on your device.

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Blackberry Blend v1.2 for Windows and Mac (Free Download)
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