Schedule Wi-Fi Connections in Android with Wi-fi Timer

Scheduling wifi connections on android is quite helpful, most especially for the forgetful android users. However, you cannot schedule wifi connection by default using your android, because most android device don’t have a pre-installed setup for that. This is the more reason we make use of the third party application codenamed “Wifi Timer”.

Wi-Fi Timer is a free to use android app that ensures that the Wi-Fi on your device starts and stops automatically, whenever you want it to.

How to schedule Wi-Fi connection in Android using Wi-Fi Timer
1.       First download Wifi timer from your playstore and then install.

2.       After installation, launch the app and ensure that your wifi is turned off by default.

3.       Now, from the app menu, tap “Add schedule”.

4.       Next, you’re to set schedule dates and time. Simply follow the onscreen procedures.

That’s it. You can now schedule wifi connections with the use of wifi timer. However, if you're looking for ways to tunnel into secured wifi connections, then check out the 5 best wifi password hacker apps for android.

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Schedule Wi-Fi Connections in Android with Wi-fi Timer
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