Best Internet Data Plans for Android, iOS and PC (2015 Updated)

Previously I published an article which details the best wireless cell phone internet plans in Nigeria, and I highlighted more on FBT, which guides more on data plan tunnelling, that is, using special internet plans or package for other devices.

Today, I would simply highlight on the best internet data plans for Android, Ios and computers. And when I mean their data plans, no cheat involved, 100% normal internet plans recommended for your device.

1.       GLO Internet Plan

The Glo 1GB for #1000 internet plan is very affordable and can last you for a very long period of time, that’s if you’re not the downloading type. This plan gives you 1GB internet data for just #1000, and to opt-in simply text 53 to 127. Although in some areas, Glo network is frustrating, but if their network is good in your area, then the Glo #1000 for 1GB plan is a perfect internet package for you.
Alternatively, you can opt-in for other Glo cheap plans, like 4.5GB for #2,500 (text 58 to 127), 12GB for #5000 (text 11 to 127), 24GB for #8000 (text 12 to 127) and so on.

2.       Etisalat Internet Bundle

Etisalat is known to be the fastest internet service provider due to their network coverage and speed. It’s download time per second counts in tenth or hundredth MB depending on your cellular network capability. If you’re on 4G LTE, then etisalat would help maximize your cellular network capability.

The most recommended plan on etisalat network is the etisalat 1GB for #1000 internet plan. To opt-in, simply dial *229*2*7#. It’s recommended for all device which includes Android, iOS and PC.

3.       MTN Internet Data Plan

Mtn is another common network that has wide network coverage. The MTN 4.5GB for #2,500 internet plan is still on the trend. It’s advisable you opt-in for the plan, it works and highly recommended on all internet enabled device which includes your Android, iOS and PC. To opt-in, simply text 102 to 131, or 120 to 131. The 102 plan is the MTN midnight plan that offers 3GB night plan and 1.5GB bonus plan that can be used anytime, while the 120 offers 3GB strictly night usage and 1.5GB strictly day usage.

That’s  all for now. When next am to write on this topic, I would include not just the normal internet plan, but also the tweaking section. Airtel isn’t mentioned on my content today because their internet data plan sucks. Stay tuned guys!!!

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Best Internet Data Plans for Android, iOS and PC (2015 Updated)
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