Best Wireless Cell Phone Internet Plans in Nigeria

Internet surfing is really great and it keeps boredom off your day. However, internet surfing all depends on the internet service providers you’d make use of.

There are so many lists of wireless cell phone plans, most can also work on your laptops or any other internet enabled device that has cellular network which includes, Android and iOS devices. As for blackberry users, you can go on with your various BB plans.

In this guide, I would only bring up the best wireless network plans and highlight on them, which includes their subscription procedures.

1.       Airtel Nigeria

Few weeks back, Airtel Nigeria partnered with payporte, and this partnership brought about a positive result for Airtel fans, which entails that, users would enjoy free internet access for about 6 months.
-          To start with, simply visit operamini page from here.
-          Download the latest operamini and start surfing.
-          Also make sure that your cell phone is set to default Airtel GPRS settings (APN:
-          For PC users, simply slot your airttel sim and start surfing free via operamini, it would automatically power other apps.

2.       MTN Nigeria

Surfing MTN almost free internet has been a trend of the year, as MTN BB10 plan have been working perfectly and unlimitedly on most cell phones, through the help of some useful tunneling software.

Talking about BB10 plans, we’ve the weekly, daily and monthly plans, and to opt-in, simply follow the below subscription procedure.
-          For BBlitem monthly plan, simply dial *216*3*3#
-          Weekly, simply dial *216*3*2#
-          Daily, simply dial *216*3*1# or you can sub BBlited daily dialing *216*7#

Once you’ve opted-in for any of these plans, what next? Let’s proceed with the setup.

Let me first walk you through the process on how you can tunnel the BB10 plan to work on your Android, iOS and PC via the use of OpenVPN software.

How to Use OpenVPN to Tunnel the BB10 Plan on Android, iOS and PC
-          First off, iOS and Android users should download the OpenVPN software from Appstore (iOS) or Playstore (Android), while PC users should proceed to download here.
-          After that, download the configuration file from here, and import to your OpenVPN software.
-          Visit VPNbook for user name and password (Username: vpnbook, password: 5UceCrAt)
-          Now, connect and enjoy!!!

Outside OpenVPN there are two other programs you can tunnel the BB10 Plan with, which includes, Simpleserver and Psiphone app.

I’ve already published guide on how to use MTN BB10 Plan on Android via simpleserver, I also published on how to use same BB10 Plan on PC via simpleserver, so I advise you take a stroll to any of those topics. As for tunneling with psiphone, quickly proceed to the below settings.

How to Tunnel BB10 Plans on Android via Psiphone
-          To start with, download Psiphone from here.
-          After that, launch the app and configure the handle menu of the program by setting Proxy to Real Host, then input as the Proxy server.
-          Now, save the settings, from the app main menu, go to more options >> Use Http >> then proceed with the following settings, as host address and 8080 as port.
-          Select USA and start surfing unlimitedly.

Alternatively, MTN has a cool plan, not that cheap though, but a little bit manageable, a plan that gives you 1GB for just #500. – read details here.

3.       Etisalat Nigeria

Etisalat is known to be the fastest network in Nigeria in terms of Internet surfing, and they offer high quality 4G network speed, all depends on your device network capability. However, you can surf etisalat almost free internet via the use of psiphone (Android users) or Simpleserver (PC users).

First off, opt-in for etisalat weekly smartpark package by dialing *343*5*6# and #150 would be deducted from your credit.

For Android users via Psiphone, simply proceed with the below settings,
-          From the handler menu, select Real Host as proxy and input as proxy server.
-          After that, scroll down to real proxy type and select HTTP, and input as real proxy server and 8080 as real proxy port.
-          Now, save the settings, select USA as region, then go to more options and input as host address and 8080 as port.
-          Go back to psisphone main menu, then click on start button and your device would begin to surf the internet with no limit.

For PC users, simply download Simpleserver program from here, connect your modem with default Etisalat APN which is “etisalat”, then launch the simpleserver.exe, minimize, go to your browser and set to and 8080, save and start surfing.

That’s all for the best wireless cell phone plans in Nigeria. If you’ve any or encounter any difficulty from what I’ve explained above, feel free to let me know via comment section, and I won’t hesitate to trash the issue.

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Best Wireless Cell Phone Internet Plans in Nigeria
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