Don’t Miss Out!!! 2015 Best Black Friday Online Deals in Nigeria

Black Friday is a very common event. It’s a popular shopping day and the Friday following the Thanksgiving Day (Common event in United States). However, black Friday is observed globally. Black Friday is observed on every fourth Friday in the month of November. The Monday that follows Black Friday is called Cyber Monday. You get a huge discount, over 50-90% off any product purchased that day.

The 2015 Black Friday event would be coming up on the 27th of November and most Nigeria and international online retailers have some mouth-watering deals to offer that day. So let’s take look at them.

1.       Amazon Black Friday Deals:

Amazon is a very popular online retailer that provides item globally, unlike some other country based online retailers. So, if you have any item that you wish to purchase from Amazon, I advise you exercise little patience till the 27th of the month, then the price of the item will be slashed twice or trice the original price.

2.       JUMIA Black Friday Deals:

This is a continent based online retailer that supplies goods to countries in Africa. However, Nigeria is included. So you can order an item from JUMIA and get it shipped within 2-3 business days.
JUMIA have some lovely black Friday deals, and prices of products would be slashed. You get to purchase a product with over 80% discount on JUMIA black Friday sales. So don’t miss out the fun.

3.       KONGA Black Friday Deals:

KONGA is another popular online retail based in Nigeria. This retailer will also host the black Friday event tagged “FALL YAKATA”. The event will be coming up on 26 and 27 of this month, and there will be famous black Friday sales to millions of Nigerians at a very huge discount. So, don’t miss out and follow up the event.

That’s all for the black Friday 2015 deals in Nigeria. Yudala online retailer might also partake in the black Friday event, but I can’t say much on their deals. I advise you opt-in to any of the above Black Friday deals, and follow up their event, at the end of the day, you end up smiling.

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Don’t Miss Out!!! 2015 Best Black Friday Online Deals in Nigeria
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