Cheapest Call Tariff Plans Nigeria 2016: MTN, Airtel, Glo & Etisalat

The open contract between the public and their network providers is what’s referred o as telecommunication tariff. However, this helps to generate more customers or patron from the customer to the network providers, depending on how the contract favors the public.

The competition between our network providers in Nigeria is very high, and due to this great competition, there are newly introduced call tariffs from the networks which favor the individual, and this goes on and on almost every, monthly, bi-yearly or yearly basis.

As of last year, we enjoyed cheap call tariffs from our various networks, like MTN, Etisalat, GLO and Airtel network. This year being 2016, am here to reveal the full list f cheapest call tariff plans in Nigeria, from MTN, GLO, Airtel & Etisalat.

Cheapest Call Tariff Plans Nigeria 2016: MTN, Airtel, Glo & Etisalat

Let’s start with MTN cheap call tariff plans for 2016, and then we continue with Airtel, GLO and down to Etisalat…

All Cheap MTN Call Tariff PLANS & Call Rates 2016:

1.       MTN True Talk – the MTN true talk plan charges user N20 kobo/secs for MTN to MTN calls and same amount for the first second call t any network. To opt-in for this plan, simply dial *400# or SMS 400 to 131.

2.       MTN Beta Talk – the MTN beta talk plans gives user 200% bonus on every N100+ airtime recharge, giving you a 3times value in all your recharge. With the bonus plan, recharge or main balance, you’ll be charged 40 kobo/sec for national calls to any network. You can also use the bonus plan to send SMS and also Data while roaming.  This plan also rewards user 10MB for the first N100+ recharge in a week and same for every other weeks. To migrate for this plan, you’ve to be an MTN prepaid customer. Migration fee goes for N100 and you can use *123*2*6# to migrate. Alternatively, you can text BT to 131.

3.       MTN Supersaver – this is more like a business plan, which charges user 15k/sec for the first minute call of the day, and then switches back to the normal 40k/sec to all networks. With supsersaver, you can even make cheap calls home and abroad regarding to their rates. No charges on migration, and to migrate, simply dial *408*1#. Alternatively, you can send 408 to 131.

4.       MTN Smooth Talk Plus – the MTN smooth talk plus is similar to that of supersaver, only that you get extra benefits like, 10MB of data for the first N100 within the week. To migrate to this tariff plan, simply dial *401# or send 401 to 131.

5.       MTN iPulse Plan – the MTN iPulse plan is the best plan for students, and this plan gives 10MB on the first N100+ recharge every week, free callertunes subscription on the first 30days, 2naira charge on SMS within campus area and normal 4Naira on SMS off campus area, you get free Yello account, free happy hour calls, 11k/secs on calls for some periods and many more. To migrate, simply dial *406# or SMS 406 to 131.

6.       MTN Zone plan on Mtn Zone plan, you get discount on every call made to any network. Discount rates ranges from 2k/sec to 28k/sec, and this normally happens in the morning or within the day time. Simply dial *135*1# to register and *135# and follow the onscreen menu.

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Cheapest Airtel Call Tariff Plan & Call Rates 2016:

1.       The cheapest Airtel call tariff plan is the Airtel smart talk, which charges user 11k/sec for every call made to all network and after the access fee of N5. That is, after your first N5 cost on call, it switches back to their normal charges on call, till you make another 11K/sec the following day. Calls to countries like India, USA, China and Canada can be made for 20k/sec. to migrate to Airtel smart talk plan, simply dial *315#.

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All Cheap GLO Call Tariff Plans & Call Rates 2016:

1.       GLO Bounce – GLO bounce charges user 15k/sec on every call made to any network and 11k/sec to customers who’s also on GLO bounce. Therefore, GLO is indirectly telling their customers to invite friends and family to GLO bounce, so you get as low as 11k/sec on every call made. A 15MB free data plan is given for every N200+ recharge on airtime. You’ll also be charged N24/min for the first call a day, which after, you can enjoy their cheap call rates to all networks. To opt-in, simply dial *170*4#.

2.       GLO Overload – GLO overload is another cheap call tariff plan that gives user 400% bonus on every N200+ recharge on airtime. You also get a free 15MB data for every N200+ recharge valid for just that day. On GLO overload plan, you also get and 1mins awoof bonus for every 3mins call you make. Also know that you’ll be charged N36/min for the first min call that day. To opt-in, simply dial *200# and dial *122*7# to check balance.

3.       GLO TWIN Bash – I call this a super tariff plan… a plan that is highly recommended for internet user. You get same amount if data plan similar to the amount recharge, with another bonus of same amount for calls. For instance, if you recharge N200, you get 200MB and another bonus N200 airtime. Same goes for N500 recharge and N1000 recharge. You can also use the bonus airtime to call any network.

4.       GLO Infinito – the GLO infinito is known to be the best prepaid plan that charges users the sum of 20k/sec for every call made to any network and 11K/sec for your 10 registered family and friend’s numbers. To opt-in, simply dial *100*9*2#. To register for the family and friend’s number, simply dial *101*1*NUM#.

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Cheapest Etisalat Call Tariff Plan & Call Rates 2016:

1.       The cheapest Etisalat call tariff plan and rate is the Etisalat EasyLife package. Are you the type that makes business calls, home or abroad, I advise you opt-in for this plan. This plan gives you a 100% free bonus on every recharge, and lets you make 11k/sec on every call to all networks. You also make as low as 20k/sec for international calls to countries like, UK (landlines), USA, China and India. Migration to this plan will cost you N5 daily. To migrate, simply dial *420*1# or send 1 to 420 and dial *244*3# to confirm package. To check balance, simply dial *232#.

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That’s it for the cheapest call tariff plans & call rates in Nigeria for 2016. We’ll keep you guys updated if there are any other latest cheap call rates and tariff plans on all network. Feel free to ask any question and don’t forget to share this post with your friends on social networks. Stay tuned for more updates…

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Cheapest Call Tariff Plans Nigeria 2016: MTN, Airtel, Glo & Etisalat
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