MTN BB10 (BBLITE) Rocking on Android using Syphon Sheild

It’s time to say goodbye to psiphon, as syphon shield VPN is the modded and more advanced version of Psiphon VPN, with more features and zero disconnection level when connected to the internet. However, Syphon shield is the 103 handler version of psiphon, as molders did give it a special name to differentiate it from psiphon.

The MTN BBLITE tweak is now back and rocking well on android devices without disconnecting, unlike psiphon. Now you can stream, browse and download at faster speed with no limit. The syphon shield can download as fast as 9MB/s depending on the LTE speed in your area.

Today, I’ll be your guide on setting up the syphon handler menu, so that the MTN BBLITE tweak would work perfectly on your android devices.

Before you proceed, make sure that you’ve successfully opted-in for any of the below MTN BBLITE plans.

>> For daily plan (#100) text BBLITED to 21600 – 5GB data limit
>> For weekly plan (#350) text BBLITEW to 21600 – 8GB data limit
>> For monthly plan (#1000) text BBLITEM to 21600 – 3GB data limit

Once you’ve selected the plan that suits you, then you can download the Syphon shield handler app here, and proceed to the below setup.

Mobile Network Settings
APN Type: default
Port: 8080
Syphon Shield Handler Settings
 Tick the “remove port” box Proxy Type; Real host
 Proxy Server;
 Real Proxy Type; Inject
 Real Proxy server;
 Real Proxy Port; 8080
 Tick Tunnel whole device and accept
 Now select United States as region
 After that, tap the gear icon
 Tick connect through an HTTP Proxy...
 Also Tick Use following settings…
 Host Address:
 Port: 8080
 Go Back and Connect
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That’s it. You can minimize your syphon shield app, and start surfing the internet with fast speed limit and quality streaming level. If you got any question, feel free to ask via comment section. Don’t also forget to share this tweak with your friends on social networks.

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MTN BB10 (BBLITE) Rocking on Android using Syphon Sheild
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I dnt no how to download it now, anytym I click on it it Wil just directin me to anoda site pls help me

1 February 2016 at 07:41 delete

download from..

1 February 2016 at 10:56 delete

av done that but it doesn't connect. any new update?

2 February 2016 at 11:38 delete

it's working.. check if your apn type is in default only

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