10 Free Browsing cheats and Internet tricks that Still Rocks in 2016

Ya… Ya… Ya… You heard me right… the 10 free browsing cheats and internet trick that should work for you right now. If you’re still the type that is fund of wasting money on normal data packages, I advise you make use of any of this tricks am about revealing to you, as it will save you enough money.

Soon, I’ll be making post on the best data plan recommendations for the month, for now, let’s take a look at the top 10 free browsing cheats and internet tricks that works on your devices and probably recommendable on all networks… MTN, GLO Etisalat and Airtel.

At the beginning of the year, we started by publishing some popular tricks like psiphon, simple server, syphon, Netify, Open VPN and other related VPN tunneling applications. In fact, psiphon trick was one of the most trended internet tweak for MTN, GLO and Airtel networks, fanz that followed my update understand what I mean. However, we kept changing IP & Port to get a perfect working proxy. We also managed to activate the NO proxy tweak which worked perfectly on psiphon.

Today, I’ll just link back to some of our working internet tricks… the MB tweak, the BIS tweak, IMEI tweaking and other free browsing tweaks with the help of VPN tunneling apps.

10 Free Browsing cheats and Internet tricks that Still Rock in 2016

1.       MTN BIS Trick for Android works faster with Netify VPN – as known, the Netify VPN is one of the latest tested VPN app that was molded from psiphon with new tunneling features included. So, giving the MTN BIS trick for android with Netify VPN is no big deal.

2.       Etisalat free Browsing trick 2016 with OpenVPN & Psiphon – although, we noticed some flops in psiphon, we decided to give it a merge using OpenVPN and noticed that the tweak works perfectly okay.

3.       Etisalat BB10 (BBLITE) Rocking on Android using Psiphon – still looking for an alternative way to run Etisalat BBLITE on your android device? Then I advise you also give this trick a try.

4.       MTN Free Browsing Cheat for iPhone 2016: The Return of BIS – looks like not only android users got the train moving. iPhone users can also make use of the MTN BBLITE tweak on their device with the help of OpenVPN connect.

5.       Free MTN Unlimited 750MB trick 2016: Tweak IMEI to get free Data – WOW!!! The MTN 750MB tweak is one of our biggest trends this year. The tweak works perfectly, as long as you follow the IMEI tweaking rules very closely.

6.       MTN BIS Still Blazing on PC via Simpleserver (Screenshots) – ever blazing MTN BIS tweak for windows PC. This tweak has been a trend since last 2years, and it’s still working perfectly till date. I advise you give it a try.

7.       [Latest] Free Airtime Recharge Tricks 2016: MTN, Airtel, Glo & Etisalat – the free recharge card trick was a successful one… some readers already emailing me thanks message, while some others still struggling with the trick… it’s a simple trick that just need your time.

8.       Latest Airtel Free Browsing Cheats 2016: Unlimited Surfing with Psiphon – the airtel psiphon trick is another working free browsing cheat. The only problem using this trick is the way it keeps disconnecting. You can also try using syphon app for the trick with similar handler settings… Although I’ve tested the trick with syphon personally.

9.       Etisalat Free Internet trick 2016 with Psiphon – NO IP & Port needed, working flawlessly – the Etisalat no Proxy trick. Works well… you can also give it a try. I’ve not tried it lately tho, but last time I checked, it was working flawlessly.

10.   GLO BIS trick for Android – still struggling to use Glo BIS on android, I advise you take a stroll through the guide. The trick still works perfectly. You’re only needed to change the IMEI of your android to that of blackberry… and you’ll be good to go.

That’s it on our top 10 free browsing cheats and internet tricks for 2016… we promise to keep you guys updated if there are changes made. If you’re one of our regular visitors, it’s advisable you download our official android app from Google playstore (download here), and get all our free browsing and internet trick updates via notification. You can also make use of the app offline after synchronizing our updates.

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10 Free Browsing cheats and Internet tricks that Still Rocks in 2016
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