Etisalat free browsing cheat for PC 2016: Chat Pack + Simple Server

Another top-notched Etisalat free browsing trick is here… a blazing tweak that works with the normal Etisalat socialme/chat pack plan and powered by the simple server program on windows computer. This tweak is blazing well and the speed is maximized by the network strength in your area.

You’re an android user, and you’re not familiar with the socialme or chat pack tweak, I advise you check-in on our previous updates about Etisalat tweak for android using psiphon. It’s working perfectly and doesn’t disconnect as long as your chat pack plan remains active.

To opt-in for the etisalat social me plan, simply dial *200*3*4*2*1*1# for the daily plan (#100) or *200*3*4*2*2*1# for the weekly plan (#300). For the chat pack plan, simply dial *343*6*10# or *343*5*6# for the weekly plan (#150) or *343*6*11# or *343*5*7# for the monthly plan (#500). As for me, I prefer to use the chat pack plan because it’s cheaper compared to the social me plan.

How to Setup Etisalat social me/chat pack tweak on PC?

1.       Firstly, download the already configured simple server program here.

2.       After that, make sure your modem is using the default etisalat access point

3.       Now, go to your browser and make sure the proxy address is set at “” and port at “8080

4.       Once you’ve configured your browser, simply connect your modem… double click on the simpleserver.exe and start surfing.

That’s it. I connected mine, tested the internet speed with speedtest, and it was rocking approximately 4MB/s. Went steaming, downloading and some other stuffs, just worked perfectly. Don’t forget to share this tweak with your friends on social network. Also download our android app here and join our email list here to get our future updates on free browsing and internet tricks.

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Etisalat free browsing cheat for PC 2016: Chat Pack + Simple Server
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