Latest MTN Free Browsing trick 2016: Music Plus Reloaded with Simple Android Server

The MTN Music Plus tweak that stopped working recently with Simple Android Server is now rocking with the new settings am about revealing on this post. However, the speed s so amazing and works perfectly on the latest version of the simple android server… version 4 to be precise.

If you’re new to the Music plus trick, then I advise you follow the procedures below, as I’ll explain the whole configurations from the scratch.

As known, you’ve to opt-in for the MTN Music Plus… to subscribe, simply send MUSIC to 5900… for your Access point configuration, go to Settings >> Mobile network >> APN and make sure your Access point is set as “”. also set proxy address to “” and port to “8080”. The APN type shpuld be on default. The screenshot below can walk you through the process.

Once you’re through with the APN, IP an port settings, then download simple android server here, and use the below settings to configure it.

Click on connection settings
>>> tick Enable Proxy
>>> Proxy host:
>>> Proxy Port: 8080
>>> Enable header tweaking
>>> Choose tweak type: Injection
>>> Inject query/url:
>>> Inject Host:
>>>> Now go back to the android simple server main menu, and tap “Local server settings” <<<
>>> Concurren connection: 10
>>> Go to log lelevel and select “DEBUG”.
>>> That’s all… start server <<<
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Once the server is connected, your whole devce will be tunneled and you can begin to surf the internet without limit. If you got any questions, please do let me know via comment section.

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Latest MTN Free Browsing trick 2016: Music Plus Reloaded with Simple Android Server
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Does it need subscription? And if it do, whats are the codes and steps? Thanks Guru.
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