MTN BIS works with OpenVPN on both Android and iPhone

Recently, we noticed that the Psiphon and Netloop VPN applications hasn’t been connecting properly, so we decided to work on a configuration file for OpenVPN which works with MTN BIS on both Android and iPhone.

The OpenVPN app is way faster and works perfectly on Android and iPhone device. With this, you can easily tunnel the whole device and get all internet enabled applications working. All you need is the normal MTN BB10 package and you’re good to go.

I know most of you have been experiencing difficulties subscribing for the MTN bb10 package. The best method to subscribe for any of the BBLITE package is to dial *131*6# and then follow the on-screen instructions. Alternatively, you can call 180 and follow the second subscription procedure I published here to subscribe for any of the MTN BBLITE plan.

Mobile Network settings

Before you can use the MTN BIS on Android or iPhone, make sure that the APN settings on your device is “” and the proxy address is “” with port “8080”.

How to Setup MTN BIS to work on Android and iPhone using OpenVPN

1.       Firstly, download OpenVPN for Android here or download that of iPhone here.

2.       After that, download the OpenVPN configuration file here.

3.       If you’re an android user, simply launch the OpenVPN application, then import the configuration file and connect. For iPhone users, you’ll need a PC so that you can import configuration file using iTunes to your iPhone and then connect.

4.       That’s all.

Please do let us know if you’re experiencing some kind of difficulty connecting yours and I’ll get back to you via comment section. Don’t forget to share this tweak with your friends and also remember to subscribe to my newsletter for the most recent tweaks.

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MTN BIS works with OpenVPN on both Android and iPhone
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