Adsiduous Media Review & Payment Proof: Best CPM Ads Network

There are so many means to make lots of money from your blog; you don’t always have to depend on a particular source for income. I hear so many bloggers complain of not getting approved on Adsense network (as if Adsense is the only existing network), the ones already using Adsense do complain for low RPM rate.

This is where CPM model comes in, as known, CPM networks pay per mile impression you deliver to their ads, you don’t need a click to earn, and it’s your website traffic that counts. So, using a CPC network (Adsense) with a CPM network is the best way to monetize your blog.

I’ve partnered with so many CPM based advertisement networks and I’m finally settled with some including Adsiduous media. However, the network has been able to accomplish most basic target every CPM network should accomplish, which includes high CPM rates for their publishers.

You don’t need to always complain of low RPM, of course, low RPM is a factor that is determined by either low CTR or low CPC, but I see no reason you should get low CTR when I already shared a trick to boost your Adsense CTR above 2%. What if your low RPM is judged by CPC? You’ve no control on CPC and you know that.

I don’t want to divert from the topic, so I will state my reasons you should use a CPM network and why you should get started with Adsiduous media.

You see, on CPM model ads network, once you’ve high amount of traffic, you get high pay as long as you’re getting high CPM rates. Most bloggers hardly makes $20 per day with as much as 20K page views on adsense having a dollar RPM. My question is, why you still depend on only Adsense, why not share your ads space with CPM network.

What is Adsiduous Media?

Adsiduous Media unlike every other advertising network is an impression based advertising network that pays every publisher per impression delivered to their network. They pay up to $5 eCPM which helps you make money blogging.

So let's do the maths...

You got 20K Page-views... With a single ads placement, you deliver 20k impression, 20,000 x 5/1000 = $100. With 2 ads placement, impression is doubled, 20k times 2 which is 40k impression. 40,000 x 5/1000 = $200. Please note that their CPM rate depends on traffic location, so you can get as low as 0.20 CPM rate.

This network pays a high rate CPM, even at that, they work on just display performance unlike other high paying CPM network that uses pop-up and pop-under ads performance based.

Personally, I dislike pop ads that are the more reason I didn’t make use of any other CPM network other than Adsidious media. I’m satisfied with their performance.

How to Make Money with Adsiduous Media

Making money on Adsiduous media is very easy just like any other ads network. Although, their interface is still in beta mode, but who cares, when you can make a hell out of it.

All you need is sign up as a publisher, approval process is very easy and their team would assign an account manager to you. You get all the recommend ads size you need to get started and you’re gamed to making money using their network.

Adsiduous Media Working Model
Commission type: CPM/CPC
Minimum Payout: $50
Payment Method: Paypal & Wire transfer
Payment Frequency: Net 30

Payment Proof – via Paypal

What are you waiting for, sign up as a publisher on Adsiduous media and make extra bulk for yourself. If you got any question or experience any difficulty with their interface, please do let me know via comment section, I’m always here to guide you.

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Adsiduous Media Review & Payment Proof: Best CPM Ads Network
4/ 5