Project management software that makes a difference

Are you a professional who regularly undertakes complicated projects that need constant coordination with your team members? Do you find it difficult to stay on top of all the tasks, schedules, and deadlines? Do you end up feeling overwhelmed in the thick of the action, which affects your overall performance? Wouldn’t it be so much better if you didn’t have to switch between and collaborate with multiple platforms, applications, and contacts? Imagine how easy it would be if everything could be synchronized on a single common platform.

That, in short, is what Wrike is all about. Wrike is a web-based project collaboration software which hands you complete reign and control over the entire operation, rolled into a single platform. In effect, this online collaboration tool simplifies project management and improves collaboration. It offers excellent features like time trackers, project planners, interactive project timeline, and communication modules to collaborate with your team.

# Getting Started With Wrike:
Instead of feeling overwhelmed, you can assemble everything you need to do in one spot. Wrike lets you break down your whole project into tasks and subtasks along with their respective attachments and due dates. Therefore, you can easily keep track of progress and contribution of individual members within the project management software. Instant contact with your team, clients, and even people outside the company is possible thanks to the integrated features of Wrike. Think of Wrike as your personal command center. It can be integrated with all of your business tools such as Excel, Mail, Word, PowerPoint, Dropbox, and Google Drive. It lets you have all of your tools in one place. You can link everything with Wrike and eradicate the need to switch constantly between the apps. Another great feature of Wrike is its ability to make emails relevant again. Your important emails will never be lost in the clutter anymore. You have the option to convert an email into a task and sync it with Wrike for further action.

# Outcollaborate With Wrike:
Outstanding collaboration in a single place is everything Wrike stands for. You can view important events of the projects along with all related graphs, task statuses, and receive real-time updates. This information can be shared with your team to keep them updated at all times. All activities related to a particular project will be displayed on the newsfeed, removing the need for meetings and email conversation. You can always stay updated on the move with Wrike’s iOS and Android mobile apps. With Wrike, you’ll never have to mail updated documents back and forth or even save anything in your PC anymore.

# Work smart With Wrike:
Wrike helps you improve productivity and performance. Anytime during the process, immediate reports and project performance reviews help you stay focused and knowledgeable about the situation. Easily represent your performance data with Wrike’s report builder. Records of the previous month can be conjured up in minutes without any searching whatsoever. Delegating information and tasks to your team will never have felt as effortless as with Wrike. It efficiently ensures that the proper data reaches the proper people at the proper time.

Keep track of your personal work and any impromptu work that turns up in a separate sector. My Work helps to sort your own to-dos and tasks. Customized workflows display all information at each stage of your project in easily implementable parts. You can create your own Workflow too. In fact, customization is another excellent feature of Wrike. Feel free to add any personalized fields to a project or a task. Make budgeting and prioritization easier and see all information displayed on the Dashboard. Wrike is excellent for tracking the duration of a project or task completed by any team member to increase the accuracy of planning and managing budgets.

# Productivity And Performance Level Booster:
The Duplicating feature of Wrike can remove the need to prepare the same templates over and over. Prepare and use templates from previous situations and cut down on duplicating efforts. Wrike will make you forget about the hassles of manually checking and synchronizing all your calenders. Watch as events and project milestones automatically synchronize themselves to iCalender, Google Calender, and Outlook Calender.

Worried about project progress and performance levels? Gain all the insight you want from visual dashboards and find out how your team is currently performing. Customizable timelines help you control the project schedules. Check out the Gantt chart, Baseline chart, and Performance chart in Wrike. Wrike will never let you miss the chance to celebrate any project milestone with your team. Cross all completed tasks off the list and reward your team an opportunity to celebrate exemplary teamwork.

# Who Can Benefit From Wrike?
Wrike can be the engine that drives your team to success. So, who can benefit the most from Wrike’s assets? Wrike has helped strong marketing teams and ambitious marketers to reach their full potential. It cuts down meetings and email communications significantly, leaving more time to work on client satisfaction and overdue tasks. By integrating all the work in one place, it allows marketers and marketing agencies to check project progress and rev up if necessary. Constantly reminded of the big picture, employees can stay on track at all times.

Wrike’s product development tools can help accelerate the production of goods. It lets you monitor workload continually and enables you to relocate work to speed up the process when necessary. Wrike helps both Agile and Waterfall planning by managing the backlog, monitoring progress, setting milestones, and visualizing the plan.

Project managers and team leaders can get the done job better and faster with the help of Wrike’s project management tools. It allows administrators to manage multiple projects without losing track of the big picture, keep up with the fast-paced business environment, and tie planning and execution together. Team leaders can ensure high team happiness, boost results, increase visibility, and hold everyone accountable.

Many of the world’s leading companies like Paypal, Hootsuite, Hawaiian Airlines, HTC, and Purestorage use Wrike to manage their work.

# Pricing:
Wrike has a pricing plan for teams of all sizes.

Free: For basic task management for small teams up to 5 members, Wrike is free and includes some handy features like a real-time stream, 2GB of storage, essential app integration, and file sharing capabilities.

Professional: Teams of up to 15 members can enjoy the free features plus a lot more for project planning and constant collaboration at $9.80 per member. Some features include filters, subtasks, Gantt charts and dashboards with 5GB storage space.

Enterprise: Wrike serves the big companies with its Enterprise edition. Suitable for customization, reporting, and advanced security controls, this edition contains a plethora of beneficial features like time-tracking, workload view, custom workflows, request forms, extended security checks, and folder controls. Contact Wrike team for pricing details.

# Customer Reviews:
Wrike has struck a chord with the leading companies of the world. It’s delivered on its promises, saving companiestime, increasing their efficiency and getting them out of many tight spots thanks to its multi-faceted collaboration tools.

# Wrike’s Own Guidelines To Success:
Much of the company’s proven successful strategies are for the world to see in their ebook section. Read your way through a vast collection of business-related ebooks covering many sectors and brush up on your knowledge and best practices.

If you are looking for software for managing a project or multiple projects, you are most welcome to conduct a free trial of Wrike from their homepage. Join an illustrious list of companies who have turned their business around with Wrike, a platform that never ceases to amaze.

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Project management software that makes a difference
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