Swisscoin Whitepaper released, Blockchain on Test mode

Finally, the most anticipated cryptocurrency, Swisscoin, is set to go public as their decentralized blockchain is completed and now in test mode. However, most of their project goals, aims and objectives were released on their whitepaper, alongside with evidence of their blockchain on test mode.

Swisscoin Blockchain on Test mode

According to the company, they aim to acquire over 1Billion users on their ecosystem, and this would be the first of its kind in the history of cryptocurrency innovation, as they’ll be providing a very unique products and services and create a total capitalization amounting to over 50 billion US dollars.

Swisscoin also stated her economic model on its whitepaper as they’re set to acquire over 30,000 merchants within a very short period and also how its value will be protected by commodity values in the form of precious metals. And this underlapping not by means of value rights separated but in a mix of 1/3 of gold, platinum and palladium will occur in actual form.

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Conclusively, within a short period of time, Swisscoin would become the top global payment system as more acceptance point emerges globally and usability of the crypto coin increases. However, with the expected growth on their ecosystem, it would become the one of the top-3 cryptocurrency in no time. So, if you’ve not taken advantage of this historical opportunity, I advise you take action immediately so you don’t regret it later. For those of you that is yet to register, you can register via here.

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Swisscoin Whitepaper released, Blockchain on Test mode
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