Best Email Service Providers 2016: Updated Highlights

Looking for the 2016 best and free email service providers that can help skyrocket your business or day to day activities? Count your search is over. Stay tuned as I brief you guys with the Top 5 Best Free Email Service Providers for 2016.


When you talk of an e-mail, it means Electronic mail and its serves as a method of exchanging digital messages from an author to one or more recipients. Email operates across the Internet or other computer networks.

Free email service providers 2016 helps provide free email service, that is, you can create free email account and register it on various business forms, websites, social networks or any other required transaction that seeks for mail, and what matters is how secured your email service provide is, and some other features provided like mail storage facilities and other related features.

Today’s stroll, I would brief you guys on the Top 5 best, secured and free email service providers 2016, in other words, 5 best free email service providers for 2016.

Top 5 Best Free Email Service Providers 2016

1.       Google Mail (Gmail)
Gmail is the most popular and best free email service providers. It’s known worldwide, and it’s owned by Google Inc. Google Mail commonly used by smartphone users, most especially, Android users, because their email structure is already integrated into Androids operating system.

Google mail features great storage capacity up to 15GB, high security integration, improved productivity, and improved interface with mobile apps, send money capability and many other features.

2.       Outlook
This is another popular email provider that is owned by Microsoft. What makes their service common is the fact that Microsoft integrated Outlook to almost all their products, which includes windows mobiles and windows computer.

Outside that, Outlook supports POP3, IMAP and EAS, Skype integrated, social media integrated (this lets you chat with your friends on social media like Facebook) and many other improved structures.

3.       Yahoo Mail
Yahoo mail is one of the oldest free email services that is owned or offered by Yahoo. This email service has been on for years and attains maximum security for its users. Yahoo mail offers up to 1TB (500GB) free storage space on mails, and it supports POP and IMAP. It also supports anti-spam system, that is, you get to receive 99% spam-free mails.

4.       GMX
GMX commonly known as Global mail exchange is a free email service that is also owned by Google. This email account terms to be the easiest email account to create and they offer unlimited storage facility. GMX account includes a Mail Collector, Organizer, Address book and also files storage as well. They also protect users against junks, virus and spam. “Drag and Drop” capability on files and emails also included.

5.       AOL Mail
This is another top email service provider that is developed by AOL. Although their service doesn’t have productivity features, and much storage facility like Gmail and Yahoo mail but they protect you against junk mails and virus. Storage space is quite manageable, up to 2GB and it supports IMAP and POP.

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That’s all for the Top 5 Best Free Email Service Providers of 2016. However, I highly recommend you create an account with each of the free email service providers highlighted above, most especially for Gmail, Yahoo mail and Outlook, and then enjoy their free email service 2016.

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Best Email Service Providers 2016: Updated Highlights
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