5 Best Call Recording Apps for Android Phones

Android Smartphone comes with great specs components and also features lot of fun, but recording phone calls on your android device can only be made advanced with the help of some third party applications.

In this article, I’ll highlight the 5 best Android apps for call recording, and you can easily get the application from Google play store for free.

5 Best Call Recording Apps for Android Phones

Call Recorder ACR is one of the best android call recording apps that you can use to record every phone calls on your android device. With this application, you can be able to record group calls and the app features auto delete on old records, but you can be able to select some old important records that the features won’t be activated for.

2.       Automatic Call Recorder

This is another powerful and free android call recorder app that lets you record phone calls on android. With this app, you can easily set the calls that are recorded and the ignored ones. However, you can easily share recorded calls and the app is integrated with Google drive. You can also choose to save recorded calls on external storage memory.

3.       Galaxy Call Recorder 

This is the best call recorder app designed for Samsung Galaxy devices. However, the app also works on some other android device, but only a few of them. You can check Play store “on the app description” and see if your device is included, if you can’t find your device, still give it a try and comment below (your device model) if it works for your device so it will be included as part of the recommended device.

4.       All Call Recorder

This is the simplest android call recorder app with an easy-to-use interface. With All Call Recorder, you get to record both incoming and outgoing calls on your android device. The app is free and you can download the application from Play store.

5.       Record My Call – RMC

Record My Call is another awesome app that you can use to record both incoming and outgoing calls on android phones. The app can be able to record calls if only you place your call on loudspeaker because it begins record from the Mic only. Although the app has limitations, but I bet you’re going to enjoy using the app.

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That’s it for the 5 best call recording apps for android. If you know of any other call recording app, feel free to drop the name and I’ll include to my list someday to top it 10. Don’t forget to share this article after going through it.

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5 Best Call Recording Apps for Android Phones
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