10 Best Free Online Proxy Websites to Unblock Blocked Sites

Online proxy websites is like the middle man between the source and the client. These websites acts as an intermediary from the clients requests, which seek for resources from the server. With these websites, you can be able to unblock restricted websites via modifying the proxy of resource. Today's stroll, I would brief you about the top 10 free proxy websites to unblock blocked sites.

1. HideMyAss.com
Hidemyass is a very popular online proxy website that helps unblock an already blocked website server from a location. This let's you configure so many option like setting the proxy server location and other set-ups. With HideMyAss, you get free proxy servers from UK, USA and Amsterdam.

2. Zend2.com
Zend2 is another known online proxy website that also unblocks blocked websites. This website also acquires some basic features, like Encoding of URL, eradicating scripts and so on.

3. JumboProxy.com
This is a really great online proxy website and its user interface is cool. With this website, you can access most popular social networks unrestricted.

4. BoomProxy.com
Boom Proxy is really booming. Lol! This website provides you with unlimited access at no cost and you can easily unblock restricted websites easily with it.

5. TheProxyFree.com
Its name is already detailed. With the proxy free server, you can easily unblock blocked websites at no cost. It also has some other basic features and also user friendly.

6. DontFilter.us
This is also a popular proxy website that gives free access. With don’t filter; you can easily unblock an already restricted website.

Other four proxy websites that unblock blocked sites are as follows:

7. Proxeasy.com
8. Makemeanonym.com
9. Proxify.com
10. Megaproxy.com/freesurf

It is recommended that you don’t use these free web proxy sites, because it is at your risk, as using them may link most of your information to their web server, so I strongly advice you learn how tocreate your own web proxy

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With the above listed online proxy websites, you can easily unblock restricted websites at no cost. The websites also keeps you anonymous on the website you visit.

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10 Best Free Online Proxy Websites to Unblock Blocked Sites
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