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Increase AdSense CTR Trick [100% Working] [Latest]

Increasing AdSense CTR (Click-through-rate) is one of the major factors that boost your AdSense earnings. Before I brief you guys on the trick to easily increase your AdSense CTR, let me first explain to you what CTR means and other traditional ways to increase AdSense CTR.

What is CTR (Click through rate)?

Click through rate can be explained as the number of ad clicks that is divided by the number of page views, impression or queries received by that ad.

For instance, if you received 5 ad clicks with 100 page views or impression of that ad, then the click through rate would be equal to 5%.

Today's stroll, I would brief you guys on a 100% working latest trick to increase AdSense CTR. After implementing this trick, then your CTR would rise between 3%- 6% depending on your website niche. More thanks to +Shahid Khan  and +Edi Dominic Ifediri  for their contributions towards the trick.

NB: This trick doesn't violate AdSense policy, is very much safe, so don't bother asking me if it's against their TOS.

Traditional Ways to Increase AdSense CTR 

1. Design of website

This is one of the major factors that determine the CTR of your AdSense. If your website doesn't have a good design with great layout, then the CTR of your ads would be too low. So try to first concentrate on the design of your website, and make sure that you are making use of a very responsive theme design.

2. Website Niche and Quality Contents

This is another factor that determines the CTR of your ads. For instance, if your website is a blogging/seo niche, then you shouldn't expect a good CTR because you would be getting visitors that already know about your ads and most of them would definitely ignore your ads, but other niche like entertainment, tech, health, make money, etc. are expected to have a better CTR.
However, quality content also matters, because it's the kind of content you publish on your blog determines the type of ads that is being displayed on your blog.

3. Size of Ads / Avoid Ads Blindness

It's believed that larger ads size gives a better result, however increase the ads CTR. To me, its best you to fix the size of ads that fit in to the layout of your theme. For instance, if your side banner has an ads space of 300x250 ads, then I advise you make use of 300x250 ads rather than using a very large unit. What you should try avoid is ads blindness, you should never make your ads look spam, just follow the layout design of your theme and fix the ads. It's also advised you make use of the recommended ads unit.