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How to Play PC Games on Android, iPhone and Windows mobile

Gaming on PC is great, but everyone wants to get mobile and still enjoy most PC features in their mobile device. Things are getting better these days, as recent technology makes everything mobile and accessible in best experience.

Last time, I briefed you guys how to convert exe programs to apk format, and I’m pretty sure that those of you who followed the guide is already enjoying some exe programs on your android device. Today, I’ll show you how to run PC games on Android, iPhone and windows mobile.

How to install and Play PSP ISO Games on iOS devices without Jailbreak

Sony play station portable games are very interesting games and most times, popular games are being featured for PSP or any other play station device before being available on other operating system. So, the ability to run PSP games on your iOS device is a step forward to getting those featured games to run on your device.

Today, I’ll be your guide on how to run PSP ISO games on your iOS (iPad, iPhone and iPod touch) devices, and the method I’m about revealing has been working since iOS 7 was unveiled and still works for iOS devices running iOS 9 and above. However, you don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device to get this working.

How to Jailbreak iPhone & iPad running on iOS 9.2 - 9.3.3

We’ve waited long for this moment and finally jailbreak for iOS 9.2, 9.2.1, 9.3, 9.3.1, 9.3.2 & 9.3.3 is out. So if your iOS device is running on any of the above Apple operating system, you’re safe to jailbreak using the guide illustrated below.

Before you proceed, I hope you’re aware of the risk on jailbreaking your iOS device. However, to lessen the risk, try to create a secondary Apple ID, as the Pangu jailbreak would require an apple account to continue process. So, you’re advised to create a new apple ID and finally, you’re to upgrade your iOS to 9.3.3 as it supports pangu jailbreak.

Download Prisma for Android and iOS: Best Photo Editor for Modern Art Filter

Prisma is now officially available for everyone for download and it’s now tagged as one of the best photo editor for android and iOS devices. However, when it comes to editing your photo into a modern artwork, then prisma is the best application for the task.

This application features 30 different filters that can modify any image into an artwork, stunning photo effects and within the short period of the app launch, the engagement on the app is massive as they now have millions of daily users making use of the app to edit photos.

5 Best Money Making Apps for Android and iPhone with Payment via PayPal

It’s been a while I published article on simple money making techniques as I’ve focused this blog more on tech guides. However, I finally discovered a strategy to make money (easiest money making strategy) using some useful apps with high rewards and get paid via PayPal, amazon gift cards wih some other payment methods available.

So, if you’ve not gotten a PayPal account, I advise you do that right away. If your country isn’t listed on PayPal menu, I advise you generate a USA PayPal account and then verify with either a USA number or verify with a Payoneer account. I can guide you through that means; just let me know via comment section if you’re experiencing any difficulty with that.

Expected Features of iOS 10, here’s what we know

As known, the next iOS update would be iOS 10. However, the news reaching me is that the iOS 10 would make its first debut at WWDC 2016 and of course, the release of iOS 10 would definitely improve the experience of our iOS device with some cool features being harvested on it.

According to some leaks, the full official release of iOS 10 is scheduled for September during the iPhone 7 launch event. Currently, what we have is just rumors and speculations about the iOS 10 which is sourced from their company.

How to create themes and Customized App icon on iPhone without Jailbreak

There are so many tweaks that can be executed on an iOS device, but most of these tweaks can be possible if only you jailbreak your iOS device. Of course, jailbreaking your iPhone device would definitely void its warranty, but having jailbroken your iOS device, restrictions being imposed on most softwares would be eradicated, and you’ll be able to tweak the dark ends of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices.

I’ve published series of tweak that can be executed on any iPhone device without jailbreak. If you’ve followed my updates, you should know how to install Cydia on iPhone without jailbreak by now. I’ve also published an article on how to download Zip and torrent files on iPhone without jailbreak. If you’ve not gone through any of those topics, I advise you go through them, and implement the techniques I revealed in those guides.

How to download Zip and Torrent Files on iPhone without Jailbreak

If you’re familiar with iOS devices, you should notice by now that you can’t download and extract zip files from either from your iPhone or iPad device except that you’ve jailbroken it. Due to the fact that everyone knows the risk of jailbreaking their iOS devices, they wish to stay safe and still expect their iOS device to perform those tricks that requires jailbreak.

Worry no more about jailbreaking your device all in the name of downloading Zip and torrent files on iPhone. Today, I will share a simple trick on how to easily download and extract zip files on iPhone and iPad without jailbreak.

How to rotate a Video on iPhone or Windows PC

There are times we take video record on our iPhone device on a wrong orientation, only for us to get bad experience while trying to play the video while our iPhone is on prostrate form. Unlike other videos, already recorded videos don’t just rotate as iPhone rotates, it rotates in the form on which video was being recorded.

To clarify what I meant above, maybe, you took a video record on your iPhone device, maybe turning your iPhone 90 degree left, after record, you wish to watch the video in the normal portrait or landscape mode in a wrong orientation, only for you to see an upside down or reverse display mode.

How to Enable LED Flash for Calls and Notifications on Android and iPhone

Activating LED flash for alerts, phone calls and notifications from any messaging app is one of the known features that you can find on an iPhone device that is, by default, the iPhone device comes with this feature but not integrated on android phones.

This feature serves as an alternative to sound alert, maybe, your device is in meeting mode, but you want to also get notified for any alerts or notification that comes into your device, then I advise you enable the LED flash for alert feature so you can get notified by your LED flash blinks.

Opera finally integrates Free and Unlimited VPN features on iOS

Few weeks ago, we welcomed the latest Opera which offers free and unlimited VPN features for desktop users which I did published via “Latest Opera Browser features free and Unlimited VPN Access” and also provided you guys with the direct download link of the Opera. Now, Opera finally brings same feature on the iOS version of their app.

It’s good news for iOS users; you can now download the latest version of Opera with free and unlimited VPN. You can kiss goodbye to any other third party VPN application and save more while accessing the VPN features on the latest Opera for iOS.

Download Reddit Official App on Android and iOS Devices

Reddit is known to be the biggest social bookmarking website and one of the most popular social news networking site where registered users get to submit links or contents and also create categories known as sub-reddit.

If you’re an internet user, or you’re into internet marketing and you don’t know much about reddit, then you still have a long way to go, as it’s one of the major keys to search engine optimization which helps in ranking website and also driving customers to webpages.

How to Install Paid Cydia Apps & Tweaks for Free

Cydia apps and tweaks help in advancing the experience of an iPhone or iPad device. However, Cydia apps work perfectly on jailbroken iOS device. I already published an article on how to get Cydia without Jailbreak.

There are some paid Cydia apps and tweaks that prompt users to pay before getting them. Anyway, with the cool trick I’ll be revealing, you can be able to download and install any paid cydia app or tweak for free.

How to Track Phone Habit with Checky on Android and iOS

Checky is a very simple application that checks on the number of times you make use of either your android or iPhone device. The application comes with one of the most simplified interface and very much user friendly.

Having downloaded checky app you get insight into your device checking habit. With this, you become more aware on how often you make use of your device on daily basis and it also helps you make changes on how often you use your device.

How to freely Increase the Storage Memory of Your iPhone

I know that most of you’ve been anticipating this guide. As known, iPhone devices don’t support external memory slot, therefore, it won’t be possible to make use of external SD chip on it. So, if you’re looking for ways to increase the storage memory of your iPhone device, then following this guide is the best shot you can get to increase your iPhone storage memory.

Most of you might begin to wonder, how possible it is. My iPhone comes with a 16GB, 32GB or 128GB storage, is it possible to really increase the storage memory? Yes, it’s very much possible, and guesses what? It’s a risk free process, unlike any other hack that might void the warranty of your iPhone device.

How to Access and Setup Medical ID on iPhone for Emergencies

Do you know that the iPhone Medical ID features can save lives? This feature is integrated on iPhone devices so as to store vital health information. However, the feature is very much useful for health-minded users.

Now the medical ID makes vital emergency info accessible without user needing to enter his or her password. So, I’ll work you through the process on how you can access this feature without entering your user password.

How to Masquerade Face, Capture or Record with MSQRD

Recently, I was going through my Facebook timeline, and I came across some cool video uploads on live filters for selfie. People did change their face look that it looked so real. I also noticed that the video was watermarked with the word “MSQRD”. I did a search on it, downloaded the app, and believe me you; I did enjoy using the app.

What is MSQRD?

MSQRD is a mobile application that lets user masquerade their face with their advanced face tracking system and 3D face placement SDK. However, this application provides live filters for selfie, record selfie video animation, masquerade the way you look with series of animations available and then lets you share your record or capture to friends on social networks.

How to Bypass Password Protected iOS and Android devices

Ever wanted to bypass your password protected android, iPhone or iPad device? Or you forgot the pattern lock screen of your device, this method I’ll be revealing to you will become handy.

Actually, it’s an old trick and still works perfectly, for iOS users; it’s applicable to all versions of iOS operating system and also to all android OS including the latest Android Lollipop and marshmallow operating system.

Most of you might be familiar with the trick am about to reveal, but I decided to fetch the trick from my old posts and re-post so those who aren’t familiar with the trick can still suck from the old juice. So, shuffle up, and read through.

How to Schedule Text Messages on Android and iPhone

Ever wanted to send the right message at the right time? Then scheduling your text messages is the best thing to do. This works as a reminder, for instance, if your girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s birthday is approaching any moment from now, and you want to wish the person during the day of his or her birthday, I’d advise you schedule the text message days or even months before his/her birthday, so even if you get carried away with activities during the day of his/her birthday, then the scheduled text is a good cover.

There are other advantages of scheduling messages, maybe, meeting reminder, invitations and lots more. The key fact is making sure that your text messages get to the recipient at the right time.

Hack Wi-Fi Networks 2016: Latest Tricks, Apps, Softwares and Tools

In Gurus Term: This content details users on the latest WiFi password breaking procedures, cracking patterns, hacking wifi security key, wifi password hacking tool, wifi hacking software free download, unlock wifi passwords, free wifi passwords, view Wifi password, track users viewing wifi, wpa wps internet password finder, crack wpa2 password and many lots more.

To start with, Wi-Fi networks are wireless networks that can be used to share networks at far distance, unlike the wired networks. However, Wi-Fi networks are less secured compared to wired network, as it can be easily penetrated. Don’t forget to read this article about the best hacking operating system for penetration testing.