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How to View and Clear Clipboard History in Windows 10

 Viewing, saving files in, and clearing the clipboard history is very simple if you understand everything under the hood. All you need is to follow this article keenly.

To view and clear clipboard history on your computer, you can undertake 5 main routes.

These include paths through the graphical user interface. Alternatively, you can use the command line. Using the command line may (and mostly) require computer programming skills.

However, all you need (here) is to copy and paste the commands as I shall outline in this article. What is more? Let us get started.

Highlights of Viewing and Clearing the Clipboard

For easier understanding, l shall group the commands into 2 categories, depending on the permanency of clearing the clipboard history.

To access and clear the history, use two short-cuts. This entails pressing the Windows and V keys, or Windows key + V.

The long route entails accessing it through Settings when you start by clicking the windows button. Once at the clipboard you can clear the history.

Alternatively, you can restart your computer. If you want to permanently clear the history, use the command line or Notepad.

Before undertaking the above processes chronologically, here’s all you need to know about the clipboard and its history.

Why You Should Use or Clear the Clipboard

The clipboard enables you to cache various pasted items. It has improved efficiency since even if you delete or accidentally discard a copy of an item, you can trace it in the clipboard.

The clipboard saves a maximum file size of 4MB, averaging 25 items. If the number of saved items exceed 25 items, new saves auto-replace old ones.

Another reason to clear the clip history is the possibility of a hacker accessing and maliciously using it. That is why you may need to read more about malware software.

Having known what a clipboard entails and why it is important to you, let us have a look at how to use it. Here is the most explicit procedure to view and clear the Clipboard.

Way No. 1 of Viewing and Clearing the Clipboard History

Click the Windows Key. Type settings in search (autofocus) bar. The Settings App avails to you a myriad of options, the first one being system. Click on it.

This lands you in a long dropdown menu. Scroll down the bar until you see Clipboard. Tap it.

On the Clipboard interface, you will see if the clipboard is on. If it is on (already) it means the clipboard has some history. You can clear the history by tapping Clear, down the interface.

If it is Off, turn it On, then proceed to make several copies of a file(s).  This takes us to another step, viewing and clearing your clipboard history.

Way No. 2 of Viewing and Clearing the Clipboard History

Simultaneously press Windows Key + i, on your keyboard. This leads to the settings menu. Move to system, Clipboard, and finally clear the history, as in step 1 above.

Way No. 3 of Viewing and Clearing the Clipboard History

Press Windows key and V. This lands you into clipboard history. On each of the saved copies, click on ellipses (3 dots) followed by delete or Clear all.

If you Pin it, you will not clear the copy permanently until you unpin it and redo the process of Delete or Clear all.

The following are other ways of clearing clipboard history permanently.

Way No. 4 of Clearing the Clipboard History

Type CMD in the search bar. On the command line presented, paste and run this command: %windir%\System32\cmd.exe /c "echo off | clip". Then, close the command line. To confirm successful history clearance, try pasting a former copy.

Way No. 5 of Clearing the Clipboard History

Open Notepad. Copy, paste, and save the following file with a .bat extension:

%windir%\System32\cmd.exe /c "echo off | clip"

wmic service where "name like '%%cbdhsvc_%%'" call stopservice

wmic service where "name like '%%cbdhsvc_%%'" call startservice

Reopen the saved file from the File Explorer or search bar. The clipboard history should be cleared.


The shortcuts to viewing (and temporarily clearing) the clipboard history are:

1.      Windows key + V => Clear all

2.      Windows key + I => System => Clipboard => Clear Clipboard data => Clear

Alternately, tap Windows key => Settings => System => Clipboard => Clear Clipboard data => Clear or use the Windows Prompt or Notepad as outlined in this article.

How to download and Activate IDM version 6.28 for free Usage

Internet download manager is a very common download manager as it’s the most reliable tool for downloading both small and large volume files without broken links. Personally, I’ve used the internet download manager for years now and I can tell that it’s a true download accelerator.

The latest build of the internet download manager (version 6.28) is very much compatible with the windows 10 operating system unlike the previous build. However, it brings about improved experience as compatibility problems with most browsers such as Explorer 11, Mozilla and Chrome is now fixed. The FLV grabber to save videos from webpages, Myspace TV, Google videos, and other video sites is now working perfectly.

How to Play PC Games on Android, iPhone and Windows mobile

Gaming on PC is great, but everyone wants to get mobile and still enjoy most PC features in their mobile device. Things are getting better these days, as recent technology makes everything mobile and accessible in best experience.

Last time, I briefed you guys how to convert exe programs to apk format, and I’m pretty sure that those of you who followed the guide is already enjoying some exe programs on your android device. Today, I’ll show you how to run PC games on Android, iPhone and windows mobile.

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How to Crack Internet Download Manager for Lifetime Activation

Internet download manager is the fastest and most recommended download accelerator for PC users that helps to increase download speed with built-in download logic accelerator, resumes and also schedules downloads.

The software is very common software used by internet users, especially download mates, but the software gives a trial period of only 30days. However, most internet users have been looking for ways to bypass the trial period and make use of the software unlimited without getting the registration prompt issue, but no avail.

How to Create Subtitles and Translations on any Video

Subtitle is more like a transcript of any dialog or let me say, a seen commentary in films, video games, television programs or any other video. Normally, subtitle is displayed at the bottom of the video or shown at the top screen of the video (only if another text is displayed at the bottom.

The reason we make use of subtitles is to get a written translation of a dialog in a foreign language, sometimes same language, so as viewers can easily understand such dialog. Of course, you can’t get a full understanding of a dialog but with the help of subtitles, there are better understandings.

3 Ways to Remove Shortcut Virus Permanently from a PenDrive

Generally, shortcut virus is known to be a very harmful virus that does converts most of our important programs to shortcut folder icon and keeps the original content hidden. This virus has been on existence for years, and it’s one of the commonest viruses known with high spreading rate.

I’ve updated an article which details the full list of computer viruses, spreading rate and damage level. I advise you go through that content and get some knowledge about the popularly known computer viruses and their damage level.

How to Clone HDD to SSD without Installing Windows Again

Migrating your data on SDD is a confusing and challenging task until and unless you are aware of how to progress. Traditionally, people try to copy their windows and files and folders to Solid State disk instead of upgrading the drive. This traditional method makes them annoyed, and they end up with either severe problems or they just stop doing it.

Typically, in this cloning process, all files like music, games, movies and photos might not adjust on the Solid State disk. Fortunately, with the use of cloning software it has now become a lot easier to clone HDD to SSD. You can instantly copy your files without any difficulty. For this, you need to do three things.

How to Generate QR Code for WiFi Password and Share to Friends

Do you know that you can easily share your WiFi access with friends and neighbors without letting them know your real WiFi password? You might want to share WiFi access with neighbors but not your real WiFi password.

Using this QR Code method, all you need to do is generate QR Code for WiFi access on android devices, and then share code with anyone you wish to share WiFi access with, once you’re done sharing, all the person needs to do is scan QR Code, and the persons WiFi would be connected automatically.

How to Optimize Windows 10 for Maximum Gaming

The windows 10 operating system was released during the 2nd quarter of 2015 and upgrade from windows 7, 8 & 8.1 to windows 10 has been made available for all computers and smartphones.  However, the windows 10 operating system comes with lot of integrated features.

Gaming on windows 10 is pretty cool but most windows 10 users might be experiencing poor performance in gaming on windows 10 due to not having the minimum system requirement for the game.

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Most of you already know the purpose of Notepad, even some of us make use of it to open and edit XML files (although it’s not a proper program for that) and execute some other important functions on it, but I’m pretty sure that 80% of you reading through this content don’t know some hidden features of Notepad.

Trick to Create an Undeletable and Unrenamable folders in Windows

In windows PC, we got lot of tweaking that can be executed with ease without developing any fault or altering any effect on the operating system. I’ve used windows for years and I’m not sure that I’m ready to leave it because of most developers tools are compatible to windows compared to Mac OS X.

Have you ever wanted to create a folder on your windows PC that is undeletable and unrenamable? Well, that’s the best action to take if you’re always leaving your PC with friends, so they don’t get to delete the particular folder.

How to Compress and Convert HD Videos with Android or PC without Loss in Quality

If you’ve noticed, most movie websites where you download your high definition movies do compress their videos for faster downloads and less use on data. You might see a 1.9GB video on a particular site in HD and same video in HD appears to be just 350MB and you begin to ponder, because the HD video with lower size still maintains almost same high quality display as that of the non-compressed video.

So, if you ever wanted to compress any HD video and still maintain its quality on display, then I advise you go through content revealed below to get started.

How to Perform the Matrix Effect Notepad Trick

The Matrix effect trick is one of the best notepad tricks that can be activated on simple codes. The effect is more like series of numbers that flashes in green color, more like performing a matrix in programming. With just few codes coupled in a batch files, you’re gamed.

All you need to do is input code, random numbers to be shown as described in the code, and make sure that name of the file is in .bat format so that you can easily run the file and get your matrix effect running on your computer.

World Trade center Attack code, 911 Notepad trick

Notepad got lot of tricks and hacks, but the World trade center attack notepad trick reminds me of the September 2001 attack that was coordinated by Islamic terrorist group Al-Qaeda on the United States. It’s a day that won’t be forgotten by the US citizen.

That’s by the way. The World trade center attack notepad trick is a simple trick that describes how dreadful that day was. Showing a plan, attack zone and the skull crossed. It’s a very old trick, but new to most of you that hasn’t still heard about it. You can also call this trick the 911 Notepad trick.

How to Create a Dangerous Computer Virus in 30secs

Creating a computer virus is a very easy task. Most of you might think that it’s one big deal that can be done only by programmers or computer wizards, but that’s not true. Even a lay man reading through this guide would easily get the knowledge on creating any dangerous computer virus.

Previously, I updated a very useful content detailing on the List of Computer Viruses, Spreading Level and Damage Rate. It would benefit you to go through the content so as you also get to know the where about of most sophisticated computer viruses and their damage rates.

Best Internet Download Manager (IDM) Alternative for Windows

Internet download manager (IDM) is known to be the best download accelerator because of the way it accelerates downloads and other cool features integrated on the program. Internet download manager might be the best; it still doesn’t means they got no rivals.

We’re all aware that the internet download manager is a paid download manager that leaves users with just a 30days free trial, although we’ve our ways of bypassing that to become entirely free, but it’s not all that legal. I already published an article on how to crack internet download manager for lifetime activation and I know that those of you who went through the content are already enjoying the unlimited free usage of internet download manger.

How to convert files from EXE to APK – 100% Working Latest method

Recently, I’ve tried series of tweaking on my PC and also on my android device and luckily for me, I came to discover a simple process on how conversion of files really works. However, windows exe files to android apk file conversion process is damn to easy and requires just little task to work successfully.

For you to have stumbled upon this guide, that is enough reason that you’re looking for ways to install windows exe files be it windows xp, windows 7, windows 8/8.1 or windows 10 on android device, and the only way to get this to work is by converting these files to android apk so that it can be in an installable format.

How to Wipe Computer Virus without Antivirus

Learn how to easily eradicate and wipe computer virus from your computer, even without the use of antivirus programs.

Antivirus programs are much recommended for every PC users, so as to avoid virus attack on your computer. But it’s quite unfortunate that most antivirus isn’t free, and some other free ones have its drawbacks. For instance, As a gaming fan, I find it hard to install some of my games completely, due to my antivirus program does eradicate my crack files, making it hard for me to crack my games after installation. In this scenario, I’ve no other option than to either uninstall my antivirus program, or disable it. And once this done, my system becomes very vulnerable to virus attack.

In this guide, I would walk you guys through the process on how to easily remove computer virus without antivirus programs but using command prompt.

Screen Capture on Windows 8 with the Movavi Screen Capture Studio Review

Feel like trying to record video footage directly from your screen but not quite sure where to start? If you’re using Windows 8 then you should be able to do just that with the right screen capture software – after which you’ll be able to start to save online streams, record Skype calls, and even create unique and original video content of your very own.

Of course to get started you’ll need to get your hands on Windows 8 screen capture software – which is where the Movavi Screen Capture Studio should help to fit your needs nicely and neatly.