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GLO Releases 4G LTE Plans, here’s how to activate yours

Finally, GLO releases their 4G LTE plan which is very useful to every 4G enabled devices. However, this data package seems not to differ with their normal 3G data package. What’s interesting is the fact that they added the newly 1k for 3.2GB and 2k for 7.5k data plan to be part of the 4G LTE package and that’s quite amazing.

As of the time of publishing this article, GLO still remains the best internet service providers with the cheapest data bundle. So, with the flexing the 4G LTE plans on low consumption rate is damn great.

[August 2016] Best Internet data plan for Android, iOS and PC

Welcome to the month of August, and today I’ll be revealing the best internet data package, bundle plans along with their subscription codes recommended for all internet enabled devices which includes Java phones, Symbian, Android, iOS devices and personal computers.

We’re fully aware about the competition going on among our internet service providers, as they rival with each other, introduction to cheaper internet plans are being made available. Sometimes, there’s improvement in their data offers.

The Latest GLO Internet Data Plans, Subscription codes and Price

The new GLO internet data is what I call a super flex offer. GLO surprises users with the cheapest and most affordable internet data plan you can’t find elsewhere. Do you know that you can get as huge as 10GB for just N2500? Well, I must confess, this is the best internet plan that I’ve come across.

At first, I didn’t believe, thinking it was a kinda error on their webpage, when I came across the plan, but after trying the USSD code on my mobile, it displayed exactly same offer and works perfectly. If you got a good GLO network coverage in your area, I advise you go get a GLO line and start flexing.

How to subscribe for Etisalat 6.5GB data plan with just N3500

Everyone can notice the fall in price of internet data at a more affordable price. This happened since MTN network lost over 4.6 million subscribers from their network, so they decided to slash their data offer, and due to the fact that Etisalat won’t want to seat back and watch their subscribers lost to MTN, they decided to also introduce cheaper plans.

This new Etisalat 6.5GB plan was recently added to their subscription menu and the price tag is N3500, so you can get a massive 6.5GB data for as cheap as N3500. Outside that, Etisalat also revised some other higher packages by topping up the data limit.

MTN Introduces 5GB for N1000 Night Plans, See Subscription code

MTN finally unveils another superb internet package which serves as a side-plan to the N25 for 500MB mid night plan. The N1000 for 5GB night plan is activated from 9PM-6AM unlike the N25 mid-night plan that is activated from 12AM-5AM, that’s why it serves as a perfect side-plan.

Activating both plans would do you great good, as the N25 for 500MB seems to be cheaper but limited on timely usage compared to the N1000 for 5GB package. However, you can always re-subscribe the N1000 package once used-up that same day unlike the N25 for 500MB internet package.

[2016 Updated] Etisalat Internet Data Plans in Nigeria: Subscription Codes & Prices

Etisalat telecommunications is one of the best internet service providers in Nigeria and also the fastest when it comes to browsing capacity. However, this telecommunication is one of the most reliable networks for superfast data and network speed.

I’ve taken my time to update full list of Etisalat internet data plans for smartphone, blackberry devices, Android, iPhone, iPad, computers and any other internet enabled device.

There are some changes on Etisalat internet data plans, as on yearly or monthly basis, new data bundle plans are being introduced. Just take your time and scan through the list.

How to Get MTN 500MB data for N25 [Mid-Night plan]

I must confess, the introduction of the MTN 500MB data for N25 shows how serious MTN is on winning back their customers. At first, they surprised their customers with their 5GB for N2000 surprise package, another N5000 to get N24,500 with extra 1.6GB data surprise package and their MTN startpack offer which rewards every users 500% bonus on every recharge.

While other internet service providers are still snoring, MTN decided to shock their customers with a 500MB for N25 data package which can be activated only at mid-nights. This plan is a better alternative compared to the MTN 4.5GB for N2500 Mid-night data plan.

MTN Secretly reveals a 1.5GB Data plan for N1000

MTN finally unveils another 1.5GB for N1000 data package without their customers notice. However, this data package is included among the list of MTN monthly data plan and a better alternative to their 1.3GB for N1000 data package.

I got to know about this package when I was trying to subscribe for their 3.5GB for N2000 package, then I saw the 1.5GB plan which goes for N1000. So, I decided to keep you guys informed so as not to go for their 1.3GB package when a better offer at same price is available.

MTNSurprise Package: Get N24500 + 1.6GB data plan with just N5000

Hmmm… ever since MTN lost over 2.6Million internet users, they’ve tried so hard to winning them back. Just of recent, they introduced a 5GB data plan for just N2000 with extra N2560 bonus airtime, and this time, they’re ready to reward customers with N24500 + 1.6GB data for just N5000.

With this package, you get to use the N24500 airtime reward to call any network and you also get rewarded with MTN 1.6GB internet data. Sounds great isn’t it? So, if you’re the calling type, you advised to for this package as it gives you more option to gain over 350% of your recharge.

How to get 5GB data with free N2560 for N2000 on MTNSurprise

MTN finally introduces an MTNSurprise package, by surprising users with 5GB data plan for just N2000 with extra bonus Airtime of N2560 after recharge. This offer seems to be a better alternative compared to the MTN 3.75GB for N2000 that was introduced recently.

The MTNSurprise package has already made my list as one of the best internet data plan for IOS, Android and PC. I advise you go through the list so you get to know the best internet plan and their alternatives for each networks.

How to Subscribe for MTN 1.3GB data plan with just N1000

MTN finally reveals a 1.3GB data plan for just N1000. This plan was announced along with the MTN 3.75GB for N2000 data package and with this plan; you say goodbye to buying MTN internet plans from data resellers because they sell at higher rates.

The MTN 1.3GB data plan also works on every internet enabled device, at least it’s a budget plan for those who don’t have up to N2,500 to subscribe for the smartphone plan, but if you’ve up to N2000 recharge balance, it’s better to subscribe for the 3.75GB data package than the 1.3GB data package.

The New MTN 3.75GB Data plan goes for N2000 – Subscription code?

MTN internet service providers has been unstable for some while, seems like their system is stable now as they’ve fixed much bugs discovered on their system lately. We won’t stop hunting for more bugs and loop holes until they get it right.

Recently, MTN secretly launched a new data package that works on all devices. This plan would seems to be a better alternative data plan to their N2,500 for 4.5GB smartphone plan.  At least there’s no limitation on Night or day time usage with this plan.

How to Get GLO 7GB data plan for N3500

It’s no news that GLO made a recent adjustment on their data package and also added some other cool data plan offer. However, the GLO 7GB for N3500 is an addition of the GLO normal package with a booster or top-up plan.

This data offer is in fact one of the best data offer you can ever think of getting this month but not the best. I still recommend those of you at Abuja & Lagos to port to NTEL as they offer unlimited internet plan and call tariff at cheaper rates. I already published NTEL 4G LTE data plans, tariff plans & prices, I advise you go through it and make a better choice.

Ntel 4G LTE Data Plans, Tarrif Plans, Prices & Compatible devices

The Ntel 4G LTE finally hits Abuja and Lagos Nigeria and it would take some couple of months before Ntel 4G LTE reaches some other states in Nigeria. However, those of us that already purchased the sim did some speed test on it and we were able to get up to 55.13Mbps on downloads and 24.40Mbps on uploads.

Recently, Ntel 4G then releases fair usage policy on their unlimited data access, because there is certainty that most individuals are likely to use their unlimited data access for commercial purpose which is against their fair usage policy.

How to Get Free MTN 7.5GB, 4.5GB and N15,000 Credit

MTN is on it again. Did I just say MTN on it, I don’t think so. I think their network is unstable and that’s how this awoof came about. So, I would advise you try this trick immediately so you don’t miss out as it won’t last.

Remember that since the past few weeks, MTN system was under upgrade which leads to the blockage of MTN BIS tweak and some other MTN free internet tricks that isn’t working anymore. The MTN music plus tweak still rocks till now.

The New Airtel Smart Speedoo data plan doubles your megabytes

Airtel finally rivals other Leading internet service providers in Nigeria by unveiling the Airtel Smart Speedoo data package. However, this package was introduced to allow Airtel customers experience real data while surfing through the internet at cheaper rates.

Subscribing to the Airtel Smart speedoo package, you get to recover every internet megabytes being used and this would help you experience the real data tariff. Still don’t understand? Let me break it down disclosing to you on how it works.

Airtel N2,000 for 4.5GB data Plan works on All devices

Airtel finally introduces a new internet data package which is the 2,000 Naira for 4.5GB internet data plan that works on every internet enabled devices. This plan seems to be a better internet package compared to the MTN smartphone plan which offers same 4.5GB at a higher price (N2,500).

For now, I don’t think there is any other monthly package that can rival this recent Airtel’s N2,000 for 4.5GB data package, but you can still get to make use of better offers like their weekend package, “Airtel N100 for 1GB weekend plan” that is highly recommended for huge downloads. But come to think of it, no internet package is more effective than the MTN unlimited daily plan that goes for N150.

MTN Unlimited Daily Plan Goes for N150 – Works on All devices

While we’re still flexing the MTN free browsing tricks, they decided to wise up introducing the best internet data package in Nigeria that you can’t ignore. This plan isn’t capped but unlimited and with just N150, you can browse, stream and download for 24 hrs without limits.

I was thinking that their weekend plan was a top-notched data package, but this package seems to rule them all. For now, I don’t think any internet service provider in Nigeria offers as cheap as this. Anyways, the competition keeps getting tougher as time counts.

GLO 6GB for N1,500 Internet Plan: Works and Recommended for All Devices

It’s not a new thing that GLO is one of the best internet service providers in Nigeria that always outs a budget internet plan for her users. Time to time, changes had been made on GLO internet data plan offer, making sure that their customers get the best of it, and as of the time of publishing this post, I can stand to tell you that this is the best internet data plan so far from GLO network.

6GB for N1,500 internet plan is the cheapest data package so far, and this plan works perfectly on all internet enabled devices.

Airtel Unlimited Mid-Night Plan is here… How to Subscribe?

Finally, Airtel unveils their unlimited Mid-night plan with quality internet service and better experience on the internet. However, this plan is best for those who wishes to download huge files online and carry on some tedious and voluminous activities online which requires high rate of data usage.

The Airtel Unlimited Mid-night data plan comes in three options which includes, the 1hour plan, 3hours plan and the 6hours plan. However, these options can be opted-in only at mid-night starting from 12am to 6am every day.