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How to Quickly Link Your BVN to Any Bank Account in Nigeria

Bank verification number aka BVN is a biometric identification system that is integrated by Central bank of Nigeria to reduce illegal banking transaction in Nigeria. However, this is a modern security measure that is in line with the CBN Decree which helps reduce fraud in the country.

Recently, I was trying to make an order online, and it was denied, only for me to find out that I was locked out from internet banking and all other related transactions. My bank account was temporary locked out. I was a bit confused only to find out that my BVN was not linked to my bank account.

How to View and Clear Clipboard History in Windows 10

 Viewing, saving files in, and clearing the clipboard history is very simple if you understand everything under the hood. All you need is to follow this article keenly.

To view and clear clipboard history on your computer, you can undertake 5 main routes.

These include paths through the graphical user interface. Alternatively, you can use the command line. Using the command line may (and mostly) require computer programming skills.

However, all you need (here) is to copy and paste the commands as I shall outline in this article. What is more? Let us get started.

Highlights of Viewing and Clearing the Clipboard

For easier understanding, l shall group the commands into 2 categories, depending on the permanency of clearing the clipboard history.

To access and clear the history, use two short-cuts. This entails pressing the Windows and V keys, or Windows key + V.

The long route entails accessing it through Settings when you start by clicking the windows button. Once at the clipboard you can clear the history.

Alternatively, you can restart your computer. If you want to permanently clear the history, use the command line or Notepad.

Before undertaking the above processes chronologically, here’s all you need to know about the clipboard and its history.

Why You Should Use or Clear the Clipboard

The clipboard enables you to cache various pasted items. It has improved efficiency since even if you delete or accidentally discard a copy of an item, you can trace it in the clipboard.

The clipboard saves a maximum file size of 4MB, averaging 25 items. If the number of saved items exceed 25 items, new saves auto-replace old ones.

Another reason to clear the clip history is the possibility of a hacker accessing and maliciously using it. That is why you may need to read more about malware software.

Having known what a clipboard entails and why it is important to you, let us have a look at how to use it. Here is the most explicit procedure to view and clear the Clipboard.

Way No. 1 of Viewing and Clearing the Clipboard History

Click the Windows Key. Type settings in search (autofocus) bar. The Settings App avails to you a myriad of options, the first one being system. Click on it.

This lands you in a long dropdown menu. Scroll down the bar until you see Clipboard. Tap it.

On the Clipboard interface, you will see if the clipboard is on. If it is on (already) it means the clipboard has some history. You can clear the history by tapping Clear, down the interface.

If it is Off, turn it On, then proceed to make several copies of a file(s).  This takes us to another step, viewing and clearing your clipboard history.

Way No. 2 of Viewing and Clearing the Clipboard History

Simultaneously press Windows Key + i, on your keyboard. This leads to the settings menu. Move to system, Clipboard, and finally clear the history, as in step 1 above.

Way No. 3 of Viewing and Clearing the Clipboard History

Press Windows key and V. This lands you into clipboard history. On each of the saved copies, click on ellipses (3 dots) followed by delete or Clear all.

If you Pin it, you will not clear the copy permanently until you unpin it and redo the process of Delete or Clear all.

The following are other ways of clearing clipboard history permanently.

Way No. 4 of Clearing the Clipboard History

Type CMD in the search bar. On the command line presented, paste and run this command: %windir%\System32\cmd.exe /c "echo off | clip". Then, close the command line. To confirm successful history clearance, try pasting a former copy.

Way No. 5 of Clearing the Clipboard History

Open Notepad. Copy, paste, and save the following file with a .bat extension:

%windir%\System32\cmd.exe /c "echo off | clip"

wmic service where "name like '%%cbdhsvc_%%'" call stopservice

wmic service where "name like '%%cbdhsvc_%%'" call startservice

Reopen the saved file from the File Explorer or search bar. The clipboard history should be cleared.


The shortcuts to viewing (and temporarily clearing) the clipboard history are:

1.      Windows key + V => Clear all

2.      Windows key + I => System => Clipboard => Clear Clipboard data => Clear

Alternately, tap Windows key => Settings => System => Clipboard => Clear Clipboard data => Clear or use the Windows Prompt or Notepad as outlined in this article.

How to Automatically Post Instagram Photos on Twitter

Learn how to automatically post your instagram photos as twitter photo in just few steps.

Instagram and twitter are one of the biggest social media in the world where you can easily engage your fans and make lot of followers also.

This guide would help reduce stress of logging both account at same time to post photos, instead you can process all activities easily.

Without much say, I would simply walk you through the process on how to automatically post any of your instagram photos as twitter photos.

3 Ways to Quickly Edit and Improve Any Photo

Editing photos effectively can be time consuming, and often requires skill and experience. However most photo editors nowadays have several tools that provide quick and relatively easy ways to edit and improve practically any photo.

In particular, you should try to:

  • Crop the photo and adjust its frame
The crop tool will let you adjust the frame of your photos directly. That in turn will allow you to remove parts that you don’t want, alter its aspect ratio, or reframe the subject in a different way.
In most photo editors it is easy enough to use, and you should be able to adjust the frame as you would a normal window. Some editors may have helpful grids that you can enable as part of the crop tool so that you can apply composition techniques such as the rule of thirds.

  • Improve the white and color balance of the photos
Many photos often don’t look like they did in real life due to the fact that the white or color balance is a little bit off. If you feel the colors in your photos don’t look right, there are easy tools that you can use to improve the balance in most editors.

Generally speaking photo editors tend to have automated tools to help improve the white or color balance – often with a single click. However for more convincing results you may want to try adjusting the color parameters manually, which should be possible as well.

  • Apply filters to stylize photos
Filters are extremely popular nowadays and are often used as an easy way to stylize photos. Although all editors tend to have some types of filters, the exact options that are available to you will depend on the editor that you’re using.

Typically filters can be applied with a single click. In some editors there may be a setting that can be used to control the intensity of certain filters, especially those that shade the photo with a certain color tone.

Using these tools is a good way to get started, especially if you’re not that experienced or familiar with the editor that you’re using. Each one will let you improve your photos quickly and without any difficulty, while at the same time providing you with the opportunity to become more familiar with the editor you’re using.

That being said it would be a good idea to try to get started with an editor that is intuitive and user-friendly. For example you could try using Movavi Photo Editor ( if you’re looking for one.

As you become more familiar with the editor that you use, you can move on to other ways of editing your photo. Some may even be quite easy, and for example you could learn how to sharpen your photos, apply a blur effect, or even make it look more vivid. The more you experiment with the features in your editor, the faster you’ll learn how each one works.

[Latest] How to Track Windows Cell Phone Location

This content details you on how you can track your windows phone location.

Windows Phone is a mobile operating system device developed by Microsoft and powered by sophisticated components with the one of the latest technology builds. However, tracking of windows cell phones can be very easy, and with just few steps ahead, your lost or stolen windows cell phone location is reported to you.

In this guide, I will quickly brief you guys on how to easily track Windows cell phones using Find My Phone.

How to Track Calls and Data usage on Android using Callistics

Every android device comes with pre-installed programs used to check call histories, check values of data usage and some other recorded stuffs like that, but these histories don’t last, within few weeks, or just couple of days, it wipes off. However, android system allows you to record only the first 500 call histories. This is the more reason you need an advanced program to do all the tracking for you, so as you get to see a lifetime history.

Callistics is an advanced android app that is designed to track every call that you make and then make a special history for it, track messages, track data usage with a special data management unit, call logs with advanced chart for specific days, incoming and outgoing call tracks, metrics provided per contact and free calls and messages section. Please don't confuse this apps with applications that tracks mobile calls or call recording apps for android.

How to Root Android 8.0 Oreo devices without Computer

The newly announced android operating system, Android 8.0 Oreo, surfaced online via developers preview source code, as it’s made available for most Nexus and Google Pixel devices. However, some other devices were listed to feature upgrade to Android 8.0 Oreo.

As known, the Android 8.0 Oreo operating system is integrated with loads of amazing features compared to its predecessor. Features like, background limit, notification channel, new WiFi features, picture-in-picture support, autofill API and some other release.

How to Include Internet Real Speed Meter Features on Android

Tracking every activity on your android smartphone is what makes you your smartphone guru, but when you don’t know the rate at which things are being measured, maybe speed of the device, time limit, network capability speed and some other important stats of the device, then you’re nothing but a novice.

Recently, I came across an android application that provides me with a real time statistics of internet speed of my device. Normally, this features isn’t included on android devices. If you’ve used symbian device once, then you should be able to recall this features where you get to see the real time meter of your internet speed.

How to Get Google PlayStore Paid Apps for Free on Android

Android devices got some lovely apps and games, but the most sophisticated apps and games for android devices are the ones you pay for because there are more values and features added to them. You might still get some free android apps and games that are also sophisticated, but you see ones with more value, they’re the paid ones.

We’re all aware that Google Playstore is the latest and popular android markets were we download most of our android apps and games. Most of these paid apps and games can be gotten elsewhere outside playstore.

How to download and Activate IDM version 6.28 for free Usage

Internet download manager is a very common download manager as it’s the most reliable tool for downloading both small and large volume files without broken links. Personally, I’ve used the internet download manager for years now and I can tell that it’s a true download accelerator.

The latest build of the internet download manager (version 6.28) is very much compatible with the windows 10 operating system unlike the previous build. However, it brings about improved experience as compatibility problems with most browsers such as Explorer 11, Mozilla and Chrome is now fixed. The FLV grabber to save videos from webpages, Myspace TV, Google videos, and other video sites is now working perfectly.

How to Download and Install Android 8.0 Oreo on Nexus or Pixel Devices

As known, the developers preview version of Android 8.0 Oreo is now live and ready for installation on Google Nexus and Pixel devices. Please, as of the time of publishing the article, the codename “Oreo” hasn’t been confirmed as the official naming for the Android O, but we stick to it for now, and this article gets an update once naming is confirmed.

Previously, I published an article revealing most of the functionality unveiled on the Android 0 operating system. However, I also made it clear to you guys that the factory image was made available for Google Nexus and Pixel devices.

How to Play PC Games on Android, iPhone and Windows mobile

Gaming on PC is great, but everyone wants to get mobile and still enjoy most PC features in their mobile device. Things are getting better these days, as recent technology makes everything mobile and accessible in best experience.

Last time, I briefed you guys how to convert exe programs to apk format, and I’m pretty sure that those of you who followed the guide is already enjoying some exe programs on your android device. Today, I’ll show you how to run PC games on Android, iPhone and windows mobile.

How to Unfollow All Facebook Groups on One Click – Stop Shitty Notifications

The rate at which friends drags you to their Facebook groups without your permission can be so annoying. On one of my Facebook accounts, I’ve joined upto 350 Facebook groups that I don’t have knowledge about, and the rate which I receive notifications from each of these shitty groups is so frustrating.

As of last year being 2015 (as of the date of publishing), I was looking for ways to stop these notifications from coming in, I noticed that going to each of those groups to stop notifications was a waste of time. I was like, damn… WTF have my friends gotten me into. How can I continue to get notified for useless updates. I kept questioning myself, and rummaged over the internet to get a solution. I was lucky to find one tho.

How to Highlight, Copy and Extract Text from any Image Online

Ever thought of extracting text content from an image? Sounds impossible right? Well, I’ll reveal the trick I use to extract text content from any online image. I can even choose to do same on images on my device.

I know that most of you have been looking for ways to extract text content from images, maybe, you came across some inspirational or motivational image quotes, and you plan on putting those texts content down. I’m pretty sure that you do that manually, not knowing that you can easily copy text from image and paste.

How to Hack Wifi [Latest Methods] – All You Need to Know

We’re in the era of using wireless network, as it’s the best experience when connecting to the internet. Who wants to make use of wired methods, or cabling ways to connect to the internet, when you can enjoy wireless hotspots and other wireless routers to connect to the internet without any form of wiring?

Although, wired methods of connection are said to be more secured compared to wireless methods, as wireless methods becomes vulnerable when security measures aren’t well observed, and that’s where wifi hacking comes into the scene.

How to Schedule Wallpapers on Android for Automatic changes

Do you know that it’s possible for you to schedule wallpapers on android? I know that it might sound weird to most of you, but that’s just the raw truth. You can automatically change wallpapers on android without doing it manually, all you need is to schedule each photos you desire to activate as wallpaper for some period of time. Also read how to schedule text messages on Android and iPhone.

You can choose to make use of a particular photo for some period of time, when the period set is due, it changes automatically to the next photo and keeps changing automatically for as much as you’ve scheduled it. You can run a daily, weekly or even hourly time set. Isn’t that amazing?

How to Root Tecno Phantom 6 and Install TWRP Recovery

The Phantom 6 device as known is amongst the latest tecno flagship device tagged “BEAUTY”, as its plus twin is tagged “BEAST”. However, both devices seem to power almost same components with slight upgrade made on the plus version.

Recently, we noticed more request about root exploit for the phantom 6, so I decided to provide you guys with a very detailed guide on how to root your Tecno Phantom 6 device. Before I proceed, I want to give full credit to Team Hovatek, as these dudes are behind the success of rooting the Tecno Phantom 6.

How to Install and Run Android 7.0 Nougat (SDK) on PC

The Android N version hasn’t been fully outed on Android devices, as it’s still in beta mode. However, the developers preview is already outed for Nexus devices (released March 9th) and to only users who wish to experience bugs and some other cons on the Android 7.0 version and not just any Nexus regular user. We should expect the final release of Android 7.0 N on the 30th of September this year.

How to Crack Internet Download Manager for Lifetime Activation

Internet download manager is the fastest and most recommended download accelerator for PC users that helps to increase download speed with built-in download logic accelerator, resumes and also schedules downloads.

The software is very common software used by internet users, especially download mates, but the software gives a trial period of only 30days. However, most internet users have been looking for ways to bypass the trial period and make use of the software unlimited without getting the registration prompt issue, but no avail.

How to Tweak Your Android Lock Screen using these quick steps

Tweaking the dark ends of your android device is one of the benefits of every rooted android device; this means that, to tweak the lock screen of your android device, you’ve to make sure that your android device is rooted and once you’ve successfully rooted your device, only then you can fully customize the lock screen of your device.

If you’ve not yet rooted your android device, I advise you root it here. You can also drop your device model via comment section and I’ll redirect you to a working and very safe rooting guide for your android device. However, for those who’ve already rooted their android smartphone can freely follow the guide as described below to tweaking the lock screen of their device.