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5 Best Android Hacking Tools 2016 – Download Links Available

This article details the top 5 android hacking apps or tools that you can use to penetrate walls and security units.

Disclaimer: The reason for publishing this article is just for learning purpose, and I won’t be held responsible if any of these apps is used for illegal activity.

In the world today, things are becoming easy and very much integrated. I still remember years back, when you would need a PC or even couple of computers to penetrate through security units, but today, things have become much easier, in the sense that, even your android device can serve as a hacking device.

In this article, I would highlight the 5 best hacking apps for Android devices, and I would also provide you with their free download links.

5 Software Testing Best Practices for Quality Assurance

Software testing is the most crucial part of developing any software as it ensures quality and that the code exactly provides the results it is designed to yield.  Sometimes you may be too much focused on the testing process itself that you forget to design a proper strategy for your software testing process.  Following is a guideline which will help you design a robust testing process which helps you to enforce quality standards.


1 Quality in development

The best prevention is cure, the same goes with the software testing process.  To have higher standards of quality you must ensure that the quality is the focus from the beginning. This means that the developers are coding to ensure quality.  The customer experience is directly related to the developers and if they haven’t done an excellent job no advanced software testing practice could deliver quality.

5 Best Online Jobs for College Students to Earn at Home

It’s been my pleasure seeing many of the college students doing online jobs part-timely at their home in order to earn some decent amount of money utilizing their spare time. Since you may not be one of them but seeing you here at this page, I am sure you also want to utilize your free time and convert it into money. And that’s why I am so proud of you REALLY!

Now it becomes my duty that don’t to waste your time and let you know about the most popular jobs that can be done on internet. But it is worth to mention that there are uncountable jobs on internet, also it doesn’t needs any qualification. All you need is to show confident to your clients, skills & past experience in order to impress them. The more you impress, the more you’re getting projects.

Top 10 Android Hacks, Tips and Tricks

Android is a very cool device that features lots of tricks and hacks once tweaked.

This article details the Top 10 Android hacks, tips and tricks for android smartphone. However, this tweaks and guide helps to change users experience and also the smartphone experience.

I took some of my time to highlight most of our previous articles that details cool android hacks and tricks and I handpicked the top 10 among them.

Top 5 Free Apps for Rooting Android Phones

Want to root your android device without computer? Then you would need some android apps that can help root your device.

Before I get started, let me first mention some benefits in rooting your android device.

1.       You’ll gain administrative access to your Android operating system.

2.       You can gain huge internal memory to store your apps, games or data, and you can easily move apps to your external SD card.

3.       Smart RAM management is involved in rooted android device.

4.       Ability to run special apps, games and files on your android device.

5.       Improved battery saver mode. – Check out some battery saver apps for android.

6.       Ability to uninstall some pre-installed bloatware, games and other third-party apps.

7.       Ability to easily install custom ROMS on your android device. And many more benefits…

Now you know the benefits of rooting your android device, let me quickly highlight the top 5 free android apps for rooting android device without computer.

5 Authentic Battery Saver Apps for Android

Looking for ways to save your Android battery? Trash unnecessary activities draining your android battery? Happy multitasking and battery still to be saved.

To start with, there are some programs that do drain battery, alongside with some setup which sticks on default mode and drains our android battery, but with the help of a battery saver application, drainage of battery becomes reduced, and our battery would last longer than expected.

Best Online Virus Scanner 2016: Free & Reliable

Looking for the best free online virus scanner 2016 for your device? In this content I would highlight the 5 best free online virus scanner 2016.

Save your time the stress of downloading Anti-virus software and using some bulks to activate it when there are some lovely online virus scanner tools that can help perform similar task like removing virus, Trojan and malwares from your computer. With these tools, scanning your computer becomes very easy, faster and work is still done at same time.

10 Best Android Root Apps for Android Phones

Rooting your android device is very essential, as it helps enhance and improve the performance of your device. However, there are other major reasons you should root your android device outside improved performance. RAM management, custom recovery installation and special functionality apps are also among the major reasons you root your android phone or tablet.

There are lists of android apps that are recommended for all rooted android devices, and I would highlight the top 10 android root apps that you should download for your rooted android device. Though there are both paid and free android root apps, but I would give you highlighted list about the free ones.

7 Performance Boosting Android Apps for Your Smartphone

Nowadays, Smartphone’s occupy a larger portion of our lives so it has become very important for us to not only purchase the right Smartphone matching our preferences but also maintain it well.  Following are a list of 7 apps which will help you boost the performance of your Smartphone to yield a positive experience.


1 Greenify

If draining battery is your concern then Greenify will help you to put an app in a state of hibernation, unable to access system resources, bandwidth or run background process.  The memory and battery draining apps would no more be a problem with Greenify. When you call an app, Greenify will allow the app to run in foreground normally.

Best Bluetooth Enabled Wireless Headphones under $20

It makes sense whenever you make use of wireless Bluetooth enabled headphones, because it’s versatile and makes you enjoy your music, anywhere, anytime, or anyplace without inconvenience that is being attached to the traditional wired headphones.

There are other benefits when using Bluetooth enabled wireless headphones which includes, long distance operation (you can still connect the radio device at a range, can be so long, all depends on the radio frequency of the headphone), noise filtering (eradicate loud sound coming from the environment), high quality audio (getting the best audio effects that you can use to hear music or even watch movies), great multitasking experience ( you can be at gym, driving your car, cooking, or doing any other job and still using your wireless headphone at same time), and wireless headphones are durable, reliable and long lasting.

Top 5 Cell Phones Featuring 3GB RAM and 4G LTE under $200

The price tag of most high ends smartphone is now depreciating compared to the previous years. This happens due to the high rate of competition in the smartphone market. No company wants to lose customers; however, they’re battling to get the best taste out of their products at an affordable bid.

Recently, I was browsing through Gearbest, and I managed to get some affordable high ends cell phones that features 3GB of RAM and also has 4G LTE capability. What kept me amazed was that, the price of these cell phones was slashed far below $200, though most of them are under discount rate.

7 Major Tips That Would Help You Shoot Great Business Videos for Your Products and Services

Happy clients are generally considered to be one of the best ways of building a business, and a far better way than any form of advertising. And a few clients who keep coming back in order to update and duplicate the older videos for your products and services, producing new business videos, spreading a new word about you and your business  organization adding up tens of thousands of dollars to your annual income. Given here are some of the 8 major ideas and strategies that would help you shoot out a great business video for all your products and services in the organization.

Image source

Go light on the zoom: Over zooming is a major problem when it comes to business videos for your products and services, making your videos feel even more amateurish, ever worse, and even more dizzy enough. So if you need to zoom in and zoom out take it slow and steady and do not zoom out again too soon. You might also want to avoid the digital zoom it’s considered to be good for giving close up of some dancing pixels. And though optical zoom would not get you close to your subject you would here then appreciate the high video quality when reviewing the recordings.

Top 3 WiFi Passwords Breaking iPhone/iPad Apps

Learn how to hack WiFi password with your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch device using these best wifi password hack tools.

There are so many trashy apps that developers create and call wifi password hacking tools, but most of them are joke and prank apps that aren’t working.

Previously, I published an article revealing some working android apps that can be used to break any wifi password, and I had to continue my research only to discover that even iPhone and iPad devices have some genuine apps that can be used to break through wifi passwords (99.99% working).

Review – 5 Best eBook Reading Devices

Book reading has changed vastly in past few years. The traditional method of reading the stories through hard-copy is somewhere losing its essence and the technology is overtaking the reading hobby of people. Yes it’s true that the technological advancement isn’t just confined to new cars and smartphones but people are falling amazingly in love with new ebook reading devices that are marking the presence among book readers.

But the question comes, which one to buy? We have numerous ebook reading devices available in market and for any less-tech savvy reader the quest is like creating another satellite. However I personally believe that the quest of ‘which one to buy’ holds answer in our requirements. I mean what you basically want.

I’ll make it simple, television sets do the basic task of broadcasting and entertainment but still we have sets with various features and sizes, depending upon our needs and requirements. Same goes with these ebook reading devices. Let us first have a look at what basic things you should look at before buying any ebook reading device.

6 Best Alternatives To Google Play Store – Android App Stores

Google Play is the one stop destination online to experiment with the most recent and most prominent Android applications. Yet, there are times when Play Store can't give you access, to download the applications you need. There are a few motivations to that. Perhaps, the application is not confined for your locale, the application does not meet the prerequisites to be accessible in your nation. On the other hand, perhaps the App Developer is doing an arranged take off where not all clients can become acquainted with the applications in the meantime. 

This is not a tremendous issue by any means. For one thing, there are various auxiliary commercial centres that you can use to become acquainted with those applications. Android's immense client base and assorted qualities offer various spots to experiment with Android Apps. Not just that, occasionally the accompanying choices that offers premium applications for nothing which generally would be paid on Google Play. Thus, first how about we up our gadget to permit establishment of these option application stores.

Top 6 Best Android Racing Games of 2015

Racing games are very entertaining games that really improves your driving skills relating to reality. I love android racing games because of the features and achievements. One good fact about racing games is that it drives away the boredom time of the day, and that shows how entertaining race is to every game freak.

Today's stroll, I would brief you guys about the top android racing games of 2015.

Top 6 Best Android Racing Games of 2015

  • Asphalt 8 : Airborne

Airborne Tops the list of best car Andriod racing games, This game is a Nice Racing game fascinating with smart graphics, When playing it, the reality of the game connects your heart and soul to loving it. Players can work, Pay their ways through career, upgrade their cars, buy new better cars.

Players can also go online to pay against another player somewhere around the world.
Asphalt 8 airborne, one you would probably find it hard to regret.
It has a nice soundtrack which contributes to the action.

  • Beach buzzy blitz

Beach buzzy is an easy going game where players race in the coast of the tropical lands, trying to get to their check points before time, Its a fun game where one gathers coin to upgrade his buzzy, hitting of animals and crashing with other buzzy slows the speed of the buzzy.

Colourful graphics, almost real life, dust and water effect, If you are looking for something friendly and cool, the check this out.


I would like to give a big thank you to for allowing me to guest post on this amazing site. I quickly became a fan after finding the site recently and reading the article on how to install KiK on my desktop.
This is a battle of the fittest and can be an extremely dangerous topic to talk about out in the open, but someone needs to take the gloves off and do it. This is not saying Android is an overall better operating system or is far superior in any form. I will be talking about the advantages you can have by using the Android operating system and the little things you can do with it compared to iOS.

Multiple Users

This is more of a family feature and to be honest as simple as it is its genius. Every family member can have their own account and set it up exactly the way they would like, such as wallpapers, applications, themes, and age restrictions. The accounts can be locked with passwords for added privacy and can lock out users from your own personal world.


If you are a big music fan like I am, you will want to transfer everything that you have collected over the years from different locations. When using iOS systems you will be required to use the iTunes feature to transfer over any past music, and if you never owned iTunes, you will have a problem.  Android gets the prize by allowing the user to drag and drop music from anywhere into a folder for use.
Other media, like pictures, can easily be dragged and dropped into the HDD of the phone or tablet on an Android operating system as well, while having to use only iPhoto on iOS.

Top 5 Best free VPN Apps for Android - Merits of Android VPN Apps

Today's stroll, I would highlight the top 5 best VPN apps for android. Before I get started, I would love to explain the term VPN and the merits of VPN apps on android.

What Is VPN?

VPN is also known as virtual private network, that is, a network that extends a private network to a public network, such as the internet. It enables your network enabled device, android for instance, send and also receive data across shared or public networks as if it were directly connected to the private network, while benefiting from the security, functionality and management policies of the private network.

Merits of VPN on Android device
There are so many merits of using VPN apps, but I would mention just a few of them.

1. VPN apps help provide enhanced security, that is, keeps our data away from hackers while being secured and encrypted.

2. VPN apps also let us remotely access our information, whether from work or home.

3. Most VPN apps also let us share files.

4. VPN apps also let us browse the web in complete anonymity.

5. VPN apps also let us unblock blocked websites and also bypass filters.

6. VPN apps also let us change the IP address of our device, just like Hide My IP proxy sites.

7. VPN apps also make the bandwidth and efficiency of our network better.

8. VPN apps also help us reduce the cost of internet that is being rendered by our internet server providers. Sometimes, it even makes our network access the internet at no cost.

Top 5 Best free VPN Apps for Android

This is one of my favorite android vpn app that helps me hide my IP address and also keep my network secured. With Hotspot shield vpn, you can easily unblock blocked websites or video apps. It also keeps our mobile activities safe via Wifi security. With Hotspot shield VPN, you get unlimited VPN bandwidth and also activate wifi proxy in a simple click.
The Hotspot shield vpn has loads and loads of great features, so I advise you download the app for your android device.

10 Must-Have free Android Apps that Makes Your Device Smart

There are great performing android apps that keeps your android device smart. The android app I would brief you guys on today, are apps that geeks (using android gadgets) can't do without. With these apps, your smart android device stands to be complete and much more smart than it's previous default form.

Today's stroll, I would highlight the top 10 must-have android apps that makes your device smart. You might be wondering why these apps are must-have apps, so just calm down and go through the rest of the article, and you would see my reasons for saying must-have android apps.

10 Must-Have Android Apps That Keeps Your Device Smart

#10. Google Translat 

Google translate is an outstanding android app, which is also a Google branded app that is used to convert a written text or voice speech to different language across the countries. With this application, you can be able to translate over 80 languages from your android device, and it doesn't require any internet connection to run any translation. You can read more about Google translate here.

#9. Avast Mobile Security

Every android device needs protection against malware attack, and I think avast mobile security is a good force against malware attack. With Avast mobile security on your android phone or tablet, you stand the chance of protecting your android device from virus attack and other malicious activities on your android device. So, if you don't have Avast Mobile security on your android device, then I assure you that your android device isn't complete. You can get the application on Google play-store.

#8. Whatsapp

Whatsapp is a social network application that android users must have. With Whatsapp, you can be able to communicate to all your available contacts on whatsapp at low or no cost. This application is also capable of sharing media like videos, pictures and music files. I don't need to discuss much about this app because I already mentioned the top 5 things you don't know about whatsapp on my previous article. You can get the application from your Google Playstore. In most android device, it's already a pre-installed app.

The 3 Best First-person Shooter (FPS) Android and iOS Games of 2015

Playing video games is a great fun fair, most especially, the action genre. Shaun White once quoted, “there are plenty of skills I’ve learned from playing video games. It’s more interactive than watching TV, because there are problems to solve as you’re using your brain.”

Before I get started with the list, I would love to explain what first person shooter game is, then I would proceed to highlighting the top 3 best first person shooter games for android, iPhone, iPad or iOS device.

What is First-person Shooter (FPS)?

According to Wikipedia, First person shooter is a video game genre that is being centered on gun and projectile weapon-based combat through a first person perspective; that is, the player experiences the action through the eyes of the protagonist, and in some cases, the antagonist.
Today’s stroll, I would brief you guys about the top 3 best FPS android and iOS games to download in 2015. So, take your time and go through the article to know the best amongst them you would get for your android iPhone, iPad or iOS device.

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