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Download Whatsapp Video Call APK for Android to Activate Video Call Features

The whatsapp video call features is one of the most anticipated features that everyone has been patiently waiting for. Now, you can easily activate the Whatsapp video call features by downloading their beta application with the integration of the video call feature.

With this application, you’ll see an option for making video call, although the app is still beta mode, so the video call button isn’t functional yet, but it would introduce your android cell phone to start making video calls via whatsapp.

Presently, the video call features is on most messaging application which includes the hangout, Facebook messenger, Viber, snapchat, skype and some other popular messaging application. So it’s left for Whatsapp to fully integrate the video call features. Hope you’ve also come across Google’s new messaging apps, Allo and Duo.

You Can Now Download Whatsapp for PC & Mac without Emulators

Whatsapp finally launches their desktop application which is compatible for both windows PC and Mac computer. However, their desktop application doesn’t require any emulator to get it running unlike the whatsapp apk that needs bluestack to work on PC & Mac or the whatsapp web that requires browser.

Just like the Whatsapp web, the desktop app would require a smartphone to mirror conversations and history. You get t scan QR code using the Whatsapp on your phone. The advantage of using the whatsapp desktop app is that you get notified via desktop and keyboard shortcut features is included.

Whatsapp Improves security by integrating End-to-End encryption

The rate at which cyber securities are being compromised is overwhelming. Nothing stays safe online, especially when it comes to sending private mails or messages. We’re happy that Whatsapp now improves their security interface by integrating end-to-end encryption.

You might be wondering what end-to-end encryption means and what it do. Well, let me break it down for you guys this way. The end-to-end encryption is a feature that makes sure our private messages stays safe without being compromised with or stolen. However, every communication being made on whatsapp is kept private. Therefore, whenever you send a message to someone or you send group chat info, not even a hacker, cybercriminals, oppressive regimes not even whatsapp can go through the message.

Document sharing features now integrated on Whatsapp

As know, whatsapp messenger is the best instant messaging platform with billions of active users across different platforms. This messenger was released January 2010 and within few years it has achieved lots more than any other social messaging application you can ever think of.

Recently, whatsapp messenger integrated the document sharing features and this feature is made available on whatsapp for android & iOS devices. However, document sharing of different format can be easily shared via whatsapp messenger.

Wikipedia Search Engine on Whatsapp – latest Whatsapp trick

Whatsapp messenger still stands as one of the most popular messaging application with billions of users. I already published some tips and guides about Whatsapp… I also revealed the top Whatsapp tricks, tips and hacks on my previous post.

Today, I’ll be introducing you guys to the latest whatsapp trick, which lets you make use of Wikipedia search engine through whstaspp. It’s a kind of bot that you send message to, and get reply based on Wikipedia results.

Download EBooks on Latest WhatsApp Tricks & Hacks

Whatsapp messenger is one of the most popular social messengers for smartphone that operates under a subscription business model. The proprietary, cross-platform app uses the Internet to send text messages, images, video, user location and audio media messages.

In the eBook I would be sharing to you, I’ve successfully compiled the latest whatsapp tricks and hacks which details;

WhatsApp’s Web Interface Now Supports iPhone – How to Use it?

WhatsApp’s web interface supported mobile platforms like, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry 10, Blackberry, Nokia s40 and Nokia s60 devices since January. However, I never saw the iPhone icon there, which shows that it doesn’t support the platform then, only to open my WhatsApp’s web and discover the iPhone icon. This entails that the WhatsApp’s web interface is now working with its iPhone app.

Whatsapp's Voice Calling Features Released - How to Enable it on Android Phones

Whatsapp, the world biggest social messaging app finally integrated the voice calling features. This shows how rapid the giant social messaging app is growing.

However, this should be a very bad news for skype messenger because nobody knows what would become of skype messenger after the full implementation of whatsapp's voice call features to all smart phones.

The added whatsapp's voice call features is only available for android phones, but would be pushed to other smartphones soonest.

How to Enable Whatsapp's Voice call on Android Phones

Enabling the whatsapp's voice call features on your android phone is very much easy, but there are some factors to be considered in other to enroll for these features.

Firstly, make sure that the person you want to communicate with, through the whatsapp's voice call, is already connected to whatsapp.
Then you must have root access on your android phone.
The operating system of your android phone should be android OS 4.4kitkat or above it.
You must update your whatsapp to the latest beta version, which is 2.11.508 precisely.

Whatsapp Now Available for PC Version via Web Browser

Whatsapp is one of the biggest social network applications that have acquired lots of audience. Do you want to know more certified statistics about whatsapp? Check here.

The introduction of whatsapp to PC is really a great development. You wouldn't need an emulator like bluestack to access whatsapp on your PC, now you can access whatsapp on your PC directly, even without the help of emulators.

News from official blog of whatsapp informs us on how whatsapp can be accessed on PC, with the help of web browsers, that is, you can access whatsapp using Google chrome plug-in.

To get started, simply connect your web browser to the whatsapp client, by opening via your Chrome browser, then you would see a QR code, scan the code that is inside the whatsapp and this would pair the whatsapp on your mobile phone to that of your web client and you are good to go.

5 Best Whatsapp Alternative You Should know in 2016

Whatsapp Messenger is one of the largest cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS. Do you know about the top 10 whatsapp certified figures? I advice you go check it out, to see for yourself, the rate at which the whatsapp messenger is being used.

I must confess, the whatsapp messenger came unbeatable by any other social messaging app, and that's the more reason Facebook acquired whatsapp for $19million. That's a whooping sum of money. Not withstanding, the features that the whatsapp messenger acquires is so impressive with loads of features. You won't believe it if I should tell you that there are 5 things you don't know about the whatsapp messenger, and those five (5) things is based on there hidden features. I adviced you take a stroll to that post and check out the surprising things you don't know about the whatsapp messenger.

Telegram Messenger: Ultimate Alternative to whatsapp, now Avaliable on all Device

Telegram messenger is a recent messenger that is now trending on the social media. This messenger has really advanced their features like that of the whatsapp messenger and now it takes a stand to battle with whatsapp messenger in the media world.

I can still remember when the 2G0 Messenger took a stand to defeat the whatsapp messenger in the media world, but instead, the case turned the other way round, now 2Go messenger is rarely used by the individuals.

Telegram logo

Taking a stroll at the figures of whatsapp messenger, you would notice that they're widely used to huge amount of figures. You can take a stroll to know the Top 10 Certified Whatsapp Figure in 2014, it's an analystic post about the whatsapp messenger.

Back to the telegram messenger, it's features are impressive just like that of the whatsapp messenger, and seems to be more competitive. Below are some comparative features of the Telegram messenger:

Telegram vs whatsapp logo

- It's Free forever, compared to the whatsapp messeger that give a year trial.

- It gives an unlimited chat upload, comapared to the whatsapp messenger that gives a 16MB chat upload limit.

- You messages can be accessed with multiple device on telegram messenger.

- No ads, No subscription fee and Free as I stated above.

- It's Avaliable on all device, which also includes your old java phones, i.e Nokia Xpress music, Nokia C1 etc.

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- How to Install the whatsapp messenger on Smartphones without Sim

How to Download The telegram Messenger on your Device:

- Download telegram messenger for Androids here.

- Download telegram messenger for Nokia Phones here.

- Download telegram messenger for Java Phones here.

- Download telegram messenger for iPhones/iPads here.

- Download telegram messenger for Windows Phone here.

- Download telegram messenger for Desktops/Laptops here.

I would encourage you guys to get the telegram messenger on your device, it's a cool app and looks mature, unlike the 2Go messenger that looks childish. Soon, I would be dropping my telegram details with you guys to get connected.

5 Things You don't Know about the Whatsapp Messenger

Whatsapp is a great messenger that works as a cross platform mobile messaging app, which allows users to send or exchange SMS to each other with no service charges.
Whatsapp, has covered it's usage to over 500 million active users with billions of messages being sent every day, and over 70% of whatsapp users, are online for daily usage.

Today's stroll, I would highlight the top 5 Things You don't Know about the Whatsapp Messenger.

whatsapp logo

5 Things You don't Know about the Whatsapp Messenger

1. Do you know you can activate your whatsapp with no sim on your device?

Regarding to some tablet users that makes use of dongle on their device due to no sim slot, it's been comfirmed that whatsapp registration doesn't require sim cards on your device to activate registration.

At normal instict, to have a verified whatsapp account, you've to make clear to them that, you're the rightful owner of that account by slotting your sim into your device to proceed verification. With your sim in your device, your registration process would pass their normal verification procedure, but when your sim isn't in your device, then you would recieve an sms verification code or call verirfication which is another alternative to verifying your whatsapp messenger.
To know more about verification with no sim, check in here.

2. Do you know that you can share files of other format apart from audio and videos?

It's been common to you guys that whatsapp is limited to audios and videos file sharing. Now, you can share other files like PDF, EXE, RAR, APK, and ZIP via whatsapp. Actually, to perform this fuction, you would need to download cloudsend app on your device, with the cloudsend app, sharing files of other format to whatsapp would be made easy. You just need to link the app with cloudsend dropbox, then allow. Simply share the file to cloudsend and a direct link would be provided in which you can share the link in any messenging platform, then that document, app or file would directly be downloaded by your friends you shared it with.

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3. Do you Know that deleted Messages can be recovered?

Normally, whatsapp messenger helps to save all our chats on SD cards, so that we can be on the safer side.
Maybe, due to some reasons, your messages on whatsapp got lost, here are some useful tips to recover them:

Go to whatspp SD >> Card >> Database. In the database, you would see file like msgstore.db.crypt, which contains all recieved and sent messages, and also file like yyyy-msgstore..dd..db.crypt would be discovered, which contains messages that was sent in the last seen days. So, what you would simply do, is to open those files with a simple text editor, and you can find and read all messages from there.

Top 10 Certified Whatsapp Figures in 2014

Whatspp is a popular messenger that is being used by over 500 million individuals with billions of messages being exchanged on daily basis.

whatsapp logo

Today's stroll, I would List the top 10 certified figures of the whatsapp messengers. Your shares and tweets are very well recommended to this topic.

Top 10 Certified Whatsapp Figures in 2014

NB: We don't garantee you a 100% accurate data in the figures listed below, but it's close to accuracy.

1. The Founding of Whatsapp Messenger was made in the year, 2009.

2. The Number of Monthly whatsapp users is over 500 users.

3. 70% of Whatsapp Monthly users, makes use of the messenger daily.

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4. Over 1Million Newly registered whatsapp users, daily.

5. Over 19 Billion whatsapp messages, sent daily.

6. Over 34 Billion messages recieved by whatsapp daily.

7. Whatspp also records the most messages processed in a day with over 64 billion messages.

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8. Over 700 million Photos shared on whatsapp daily.

9. Over 200 million voice messages sent via whatsapp daily.

10. Over 100 Million video messages sent via whatsapp daily.

How to install whatsapp messenger on tablets with no sim card

Whatsapp messenger is quite a lovely app and it's recommended for all smartphone users. On our previous related discussion, we learnt that Mark Zuckerberg the Ceo of Facebook acquired the whatsapp messenger at an awesome price of $19 billion and within few weeks, he did improved changes on the messenger unlike privacy setup.

Today's stroll, I would be breifing you on how to install whatsapp messenger on tablets with no sim card.

whatsapp logo

You might be wondering if it's possible to get whatsapp messenger installed on a tablet with no sim card or calling facility. Of course is possible.

How to get it done...

1. Download the whatsapp messenger from Google playstore

2. Open the whatsapp messenger, and your mobile number would be requested in other to activate it.

3. Once you have typed in your mobile number and click continue, you would recieve this note “we have sent an sms at your number, we will automatically detect that and let you know when we are done” . Then you would recieve an sms verification on your mobile number you entered.

3. After 5mins, whatsapp robot would be unable to detect the verification message sent because your sim is not in your tablet, so they would apply another option for verification.

This time, they would verify by call “verify by call”.
Once you enter the option, then click on the call button and you would recieve a call instantly. Simply pick it and you would hear a voice telling you the verification code to be used.

Note: The verification code would be spoken only 3-4 times, so quickly note it down and then proceed.

4. Then enter the verification code that was given to you, and verify.

Kudos! The installation is completed.

Hope this helps. It would be fun joining our daily mail readers Here.

Whatsapp for android just got updated with new privacy settings

Whatsapp just improved since it was acquired by facebook for $19 billion.

Lately, whatsapp released another update on android device that brings about three critical related privacy settings improvement under the account section in settings.

whatsapp logo

Now you can finally make changes to who sees your Last seen details or informations

Secondly, you can make changes to who sees your profile photo.
In default option, everyone is expected to see your profile photo, but this privacy helps you to select if only your contacts sees your profile photo or nobody as well.

Finally, you can make changes to who sees your status, that is if you set it to be visible to only your contacts, then it would be only your contacts that it would be visible to.

In conclusion, I would say, this new update with the privacy settings features which enables you to hide your last seen details, profile photo and status makes sense because you can decide whether everyone, only your contacts or even nobody to view those your personal info.

Note: This latest update of whatsapp v2.11.169 havn't been pushed to google playstore yet, but you can still download it from whatsapp official website