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Avast 2014 antivirus for Pc free downloads

Avast 2014 antivirus was being released on the 17th of december 2013 with some very cool features.


Its now updated to 9.0 2 0 11 and this time it has a fully rewritten WebShield so that it now doesn't work as a "transparent proxy" anymore, which should result in an overall improvement in stability and performance.

It also allows to see and detect more threats.

The Firewall component (in IS and Premier) has been made more compatible with other applications, such as Java and various VPN services.

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The installer/updater has been improved to allow more reliable installation in case of infected machines.

The changes in the File System Shield's driver should result in faster performance, especially in the copy files and install programs scenarios.

Browser Cleanup tool beefed up to be able to rip off even the more stubborn toolbars

For trialware users, we have also added an interactive tutorial that explains all the features of the product in a straightforward, concise manner.

Connectivity to the new avast! GrimeFighter product.

SafePrice is a new, optional module of the Avast browser plugins. It's designed to combine security (hence the "safe" part) with best deals (hence the "price") into one, easy-to-use module.

This version of avast supports these versions of operating system:
==> Windows 7
==> Windows 8
==> Windows xp
==> Windows vista

Download Avast 2014 9.0 20 1 1 Here