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How to Get Double data for any MTN data plan Purchased

MTN double your plan tweak is here, as I’m pretty sure that none of you would hesitate to take advantage of it. However, with just few steps on tweaking, you’re gamed. Only android users can take advantage of this, as it requires imei tweaking.

What I meant by double data? Once you opt-in for any MTN data package, you get twice of it. For instance, the 1.5GB for N1000 doubles to 3GB at same price, the 3.5GB for N2000 doubles to 7GB at same price, the 10GB for N5000 doubles to 20GB at same price. So, it’s an instant 100% bonus you get.

How to Get unlimited data on MTN and free N5000 Airtime

I’m aware that most of you missed the last tweak on free MTN 7.GB & 4.5GB data before some good citizens had to notify MTN about their unstable system, and MTN did corrected that. Now, we’re here with not just Gigabyte tweak, but unlimited data tweak plus MTN free N5000 airtime.

I’ll make this short. For the N5,000 free airtime, you’ve to make sure that your MTN line is registered, then dial *559*40# and you’ll be credited with N5000 airtime. You should get a success message saying “Your compensation bonus balances: Multi N5000” and it would be valid for just 7days.

How to Bypass Tweakware VPN Daily Limit for Unlimited Free Browsing

Tweakware VPN is very common tunneling software that helps anonymize your internet activity by securing your internet traffic. However, it gives users free access to all restricted websites or content by our internet service providers.

The software has been made available for some years now, and lots of internet users are looking for ways on how to bypass tweakware VPN 150MB daily limit. I know that’s the major reason you stumbled upon this post, so I promise not to disappoint.

How to Get MTN 2GB data plan for N45 [works on all devices]

MTN has been one of the unstable internet service providers during the past weeks. I got complaints from some users about the MTN 6GB for N600 data plan not working, although it’s still working for some other users via the proxy server, but still doesn’t work for the majority.

I know that by now, MTN must have swapped their 7.5GB data plan from most of their users due to the error they caused themselves. Anyway, I’ll be unveiling a working 2GB data plan for N45 that works on all devices and this would last unlike the music plus tweak that didn’t last that long.

How to Get unlimited free Airtime Cash out on All Mobile Networks

This is unbelievable, but yes… it’s true. The title of this post might look catchy to you, but believe me you; every detail I’ll be revealing to you is tested and confirmed by me. It looked like a joke when a I heard about it, I decided to give it a try, to my surprise, I got huge amount of cash which I did cash out as airtime.

What am I talking about? There’s a new trick in town that lets users on any mobile network get unlimited cash which can be cashed out as Airtime. The good thing about this trick is that minimum payout is very low. That’s with few or no work, you get paid via airtime.