The Latest GLO Internet Data Plans, Subscription codes and Price

The new GLO internet data is what I call a super flex offer. GLO surprises users with the cheapest and most affordable internet data plan you can’t find elsewhere. Do you know that you can get as huge as 10GB for just N2500? Well, I must confess, this is the best internet plan that I’ve come across.

At first, I didn’t believe, thinking it was a kinda error on their webpage, when I came across the plan, but after trying the USSD code on my mobile, it displayed exactly same offer and works perfectly. If you got a good GLO network coverage in your area, I advise you go get a GLO line and start flexing.

I’ll quickly list the best options on their latest data offer, you can always check back on their official website to subscribe for any other plan outside the ones I’ll be revealing. But know that the once I’m revealing to you guys are the best option.

Latest GLO Internet Plan, Subscription code and Price

1.       1GB for N1000 (SMS 53 to 127 or dial *127*53#)

2.       6GB for N2000 (SMS 55 to 127 or dial *127*55#)

3.       10GB for N2500 (SMS 58 to 127 or dial *127*58#)

4.       12GB for N3000 (SMS 54 to 127 or dial *127*54#)

5.       18GB for N4000 (SMS 59 to 127 or dial *127*59#)

6.       24GB for N5000 (SMS 11 to 127 or dial *127*2#)

7.       48GB for N8000 (SMS 12 to 127 or dial *127*1#)

8.       60GB for N15000 (SMS 16 to 127 or dial *127*12#)

9.       90GB for N18000 (SMS 17 to 127 or dial *127*13#)

Duration: 30 DAYS

That’s just the latest GLO internet plan, subscription codes and price tag. Don’t miss out, enjoy it while it’s on for the moment, till GLO decides to go back to their normal plans, because I’m pretty sure they’re using this offer to attract customers to their network.

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The Latest GLO Internet Data Plans, Subscription codes and Price
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