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UC Browser for PC/Laptop- 30+ Keyboard Shortcuts & Hotkeys

With UC Browser hotkeys, performing works and running certain activities on UC Browser for PC makes your work very much easier, faster and efficient. Below shows over 30 hotkeys or keyboard shortcuts of UC browser for PC/Laptop.

Locate address bar
F6 OR Alt+D OR Ctrl+L
Reload current page
F5 OR Ctrl+R
Stop loading current page
Reload all pages
Stop loading all pages
Refresh cache & page
Go to Homepage
Restore recently closed tab
Alt+Z OR Ctrl+Shift+T

UC Browser now on PC/Laptop – Download for Free on Windows 7/8/8.1 & Mac

UC Browser PC version is now available for free downloads. The UC Browser comes in two versions, that is, the general version and the Indian version.
UC browser is used to be known as one of the popular mobile browser, that was launched 2004 April, with over hundreds million users. The mobile version of the browser is available on various platforms like Java, Symbian, Android OS, Blackberry OS, Windows etc. and the long awaited PC version of the UC Browser is now available.

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Features of UC Browser for PC Version

  • Equipped with Cloud Sync which lets users synchronize open tabs and bookmarks from the UC Browser for mobile, that is, switching of mobile version to PC version and vice versa
  • High speed downloads
  • Resume, pause and continuity of downloads
  • Smart file manager which helps categorize downloaded files
  • Add-ons, themes, ad blocks etc.