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Android Wear v2.0 finally outed with Independent functionality

Android wear has been available for just a short period and within that shot period of time, the accomplishment is great. We enjoyed the previous version of android wear just that it depends on your android Smartphone for some few basic tasks to be executed. Anyway, I’m so happy to inform you that at Google I/O 2016, the Android wear version 2.0 was showcased with new design.

I’m a big fan of wearable and I know how my smart watch has helped, just that I’ve been anticipating the arrival of a standalone android smart watch which is now available on android wear version 2.0. With this functionality, you don’t need a Smartphone as companion to rely on WiFi connection or cellular network. This version of android wear is now independent to feature all that functionality without the assistance of a Smartphone.

Wearable: Future of Tech in Nigeria

Smartwatches are seamless, functional and computerized wristwatches that have been enhanced to do more than just tell the time. It does more; you can answer calls, play music, take photos, record videos, play games and browse the internet. Smartwatches are water resistant.

Courtesy: Forbes

With the rising trend of technology and its adoption in Nigeria, most people would agree that smart watches have come to stay and will surely play an obvious role in the lives of many Nigerians at some point just as Android smartphones came in and took over.