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Cool Steps to Run Android Apps on your Windows Smartphone

The android operating system from Google happens to be one of the most popular operating system found on most latest smartphones and tablets today. Needless to also stress the fact that the flexibility of the Google play store and largely the easy coding around the Android operating system has attracted the interest of many developers. Various apps keeps rolling in on a daily basis and even those who are using windows phones most times crave to have a taste of some android apps.

If you belong to this category, don't worry to much as I walk you through the steps to run any Android app on your windows phone.

How to Install and Run Android Apps on Windows 10 Mobile

Learn how to install, run & play android apps on windows 10 mobile.

Yes, I mean every bit of word in the title. You might seem surprise or it might look unbelievable to you, but I was shocked when I tried it on a friends windows 10 mobile and it worked like magic.

For the past months or even years, Blackberry 10 users and some other blackberry users have been enjoying android apps on their device, because it’s damn easy to side load an android app on blackberry phones. Now, it’s time for windows mobile users to side-load android apps on their devices.

In this guide, I would walk you through the process to install and run android apps on windows 10 mobile in just 5 minutes. Credits to a XDA member named XDRdaniel, for making this process easy for windows 10 mobile users.