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The 4 Best Free Tools to Download Picasa Web Album

Picasa is a sort of image viewer or an image organizer which is used for organizing and editing digital phtographs. The Picasa was built by the lifescape Inc and it's owned by Google. This software is compatible to Windows and Mac PC. Today's stroll, I would brief you guys about the 4 Ultimate free tools that can be used to download picasa web album.

There are many picasa downloading tools that helps use download picasa web album without stress. If you wish to get some set of photos from your relative or friend’s album or picasa album, then the tools I would highlight below would do the work for you.

1. Picasa Webalbum Downloader

This is one of my favourite tools that I use to download picasa web album. With this, you can be able to download the entire picasa. This is infact the alternative to picasa 2.0 from google for windows or even the newly released iPhoto from Mac. To use Picasa webalbum downloader, simply grab the rss button for the picasa web album that you wish to download. You would notice the button at the right sidebar of the album, then copy and paste the URL address of the album RSS feed and click Enter. Once this is done, your download would start immediately.

2. Picasa Downloader

Picasa downloader let's you download multiple picasa web album of a user which you've selected, without even installing the picasa software on your device. With just few clicks, the album to be downloaded would be proceeded. It's just simple. Enter the picasa username » hit the list button » then select the albums to download » Hit download. And Gbam, your download would begin instantly.