Simple steps on how to increase your android RAM memory

Once of the worst thing that can ever happen to Android
users is for their device to be crawling like snail or freezes whenever you
open one or more application. This kind of problem normally happen
when your Android device is running low ram memory.

This is one of the best and easy options if you are looking to increase RAM in Android. RAM expander is an easy to use application that uses up your SD and RAM but it modifies the speed of your phone. But for this app you need to have a memory card with high storage. You just need to convert your memory card into 4 GB. Now your own memory card will help to increase your RAM on android. This will also help to increase ram on tablet.

This is another app which is easy to install and hence increase ram in Android. Just head over to Google play store and install it. Here is the link. Once installed, just enter the amount of RAM by which you want to increase the RAM. Then app will create a .swf file which will help to increase RAM in Android. After a couple of minutes, your RAM will be boosted. This increase will help you to do play more games and install apps which need heavy amount of RAM. It works like a magical wand.
Link2SD is very user friendly app but it works to increase ram only for rooted android phones and tablets. It actually stores the storage consuming apps except the system apps on a part of SD card so that you can install important stuff like games and apps needing more than 200 MB of original storage. Another good thing about this app is that you will never lose any part of your running application. So this is also good app to increase ram in android.
How does an app help to improve RAM in Android?
Well, this is what might be going on in your mind right now. For multi-tasking feature, you need to have high amount of RAM so that all apps will be able to work in background. These apps uses a new kind of technology with which there is a file created called as SWAP file on your SD card and this swap file acts asvirtual RAM which is found to boost the RAM of your android devices. The App that can do this tedious task is Roehsoft RAM expander or RAM expander.
Check compatibility before using ram expander to increase ram in android:
Now before going through the above apps to increase RAM in android devices, first download and installMemoryInfo and Swapfile check plugin which is free to use. It will basically check if your device is compatible with your device or no. It is because some of the devices need rooting to handle swap files since some manufacturers have this disabled kernel side. So, it is highly recommended you check this before using RAM expander. Also, you need to root your device before using it. To know how to root your device, just Google to find detailed guide.
Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any bricked devices. This method have been tested before and it works. Also, rooting your phone can void your warranty.

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Simple steps on how to increase your android RAM memory
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