How to convert Youtube Videos to MP3 on Android Phones & Tablets

Its really nice getting an android device because it obtains so many integrated features.

Have you ever thought of downloading your youtube videos in a mp3 format, just audio format and no display?

Well, am going to be gisting you on how that is done, you have a very short way to go.

I discovered an app called fullrip on net, this particular app is used to convert youtube videos to mp3.

To get started, download fullrip Here or from your playstore.

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After downloading this app, then open it, and you would get a long pressing which gives you options to watch video, download mp3 or download video.

Then the next step to take is to select on the ''download mp3'' and you’ll be able to add your own tag information for the track. Then hit Rip It!

Wait for the browser popup (you just need to select an app to do the downloading, like Chrome or ES Explorer). Beware the carefully timed ad popup!

Thats all, your youtube video would simutaneously be downloaded and converted to mp3. You can also use it to download videos and convert to various formats of your choice.

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How to convert Youtube Videos to MP3 on Android Phones & Tablets
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