How to get over 5,000likes on your facebook fanpage

Do you own a facebook fanpage with a very low like rank?
If yes, then this tutorial is for you.

Facebook is one of the largest online social media to advertise or even promote your online and offline business. You can reach millions of people within a short period. So imagine when you get over 1000likes on daily basis, then your advertisement rate for any of your product would rank high.

Just read carefully to the alternatives, and you would benefit from this.


How to get many likes on your Fanpage
=>The first method is what i call likemeinreturn.
I call this method the Sow and Rep method.

How it works:
=> First you get an account HERE
=>Drop your FB Fan page link below

=>Like other peoples Fan page link that will be drop in the comment section and request for a like in return.

What do i mean by the Sow and Rep method?
From the above explaination, once your fanpage link is being droped on the comment box, then your own duty is to like other people fanpage, imagine if you like 1000 fanpages daily, then yours would be liked in return.
So simply drop your fanpage link, like others and then request for like.

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==>Another option you might want to add to the above is ADD ME FAST simply helps you gain more publicity on social networks, it shows you a smooth and simple way to grow the number of followers on Twitter and Instagram, it helps you get more viewers on YouTube, and more likes and admirations to your Facebook page and/or your Google circles.
You can download it for Android here for ease of accessibility, you can visit there official website Here

Hope this helps!!!

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How to get over 5,000likes on your facebook fanpage
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