How to install Nokia X launcher on your Android smartphone

It's no longer a new thread about the newly launched Nokia X dual sim smartphone, commonly known as Nomardy. This device is integrated in dual sim form as stated and also has a RAM of 512MB with internal memory of 4GB.
It's actually a good and well intergrated device with so many unique features.

Today's stroll, I would be breifing you on How to install Nokia X launcher on your Android smartphone.

Nokia X logo

Without much say, just follow the simple procedure below:

1. First download the Nokia X launcher apk file Here.

2. Run and install the apk file on your android smartphone.

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3. Kudos! Once you have successfully installed it, you would then notice the user interface of it, just exactly like the Nokia X dual sim smartphone. Now you can enjoy your android smartphone with the Nokia X laucher on it.

4. To unistall it, simple move to app ==> Clear data ==> Force ==> Unistall.

All credit goes to to the XDA developers that made it easy for installation with the modded apk format.

Hope you found this helpful, If you encounter or have any related issue about your android smartphone, then don't hesitate to lay it down or visit our Android solution thread Here.

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How to install Nokia X launcher on your Android smartphone
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