How to Install CyanogenMod ROM on Non-rooted Android Phones

The installation of custom Roms on android phones is quite a difficult task and also a lenghty process. Remember that when installing a custom Rom, your device needs to be rooted before proceeding to other stages of installation, but when it comes to cyanogen Roms, your android phone don't need to be rooted and you won't be needing to unlock the bootloader of your android device. If you'd wish to root your android device, root it here.

Cyanogen ROMs is of great advantage to our android device, unlike, supporting most unsupported apps on our device, increases the life span of our device, helps to push the latest version of android operating system to our device, also helps in tweaking of some android tools, as great ability of customisation of our android device and many more important features.

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Today's stroll, I would be breifing you on how to install Cyanogen ROM on your android phone without rooting it.

How to Install CyanogenMod ROM on Non-rooted Android Phones

Step 1: Firstly, Download Cyanogen ROM Installer for android, here, and also download Cyanogenmod ROM installer app for PC. Here is the list of tested and supported device that the cyanogenmod Installer works on.

Step 2: After downloading, Enable the Usb debugging on your android device.

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Step 3: Then run the download android app on your android phone, and follow the onscreen tuitions carefully, then connect your smartphone to your PC through the use of USB cable, then run the Cyanogenmod ROM installer app for PC on your desktop.

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Step 4: Once the above step is proceeded, the installer would detect your device and would start to download the CyanogenMod ROM with some other recovery files on your android phone, then you would recieve a message on the installer app alerting that, 'Everything is ready', then you're good to proceed the final stage

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Step 5: At this final stage, you would notice an install button which you're to click, once you've clicked it, then a flashing process would startup and this would cause your device to turn ON and OFF.

NB: Do not disconnect your device from your PC durning this process, because it can cause a brick to your android smartphone.

Once the flashing process is completed, you would be notified an alert on the windows installer app, which is, "Installation completed"

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Congratulations, now you can freely enjoy the cyanogenmod ROM on your android phone or tablet.

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How to Install CyanogenMod ROM on Non-rooted Android Phones
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I am unable to install the cyanogenmod to my alcatel one touch phone. I do have root access but I really want to get this reaver app running. I have permission to use the router to test this program but I cant even figure out how to apply the custom scripts to reaver and I saw that this program might be necessary to run it all. Please help me out