Top 7 Factors That Determine Your Search Engine Rankings

I know you are here probably because you have a blog/website and you wish to rank it high on search engines. I receive lot of mails from some SEO companies promising to make my blog rank within a week and lots of sort promises, but the truth remains that the algorithms that determine search engine rankings are complex and they are always changing. There's no "one hit" for ranking, there's no one thing you can do that will boost your ranking perfomance to your desire. You need to touch and spice your blog/site allround to have a perfect ranking result. Here I'll share with you the most important factors that determine your ranking; I know you'll love to go along with me. Let's proceed.

Whenever you think of search engine ranking the first thing that comes into your mind should be "Content". Why do search engine regard content? Search engines wishes to deliver the best results for searchers, results that will link to quality content that is relevant to that searcher's query. So without unique and quality content don't expect your blog to rank.
Content is King.

#2. Site structure:
Your site structure (the way your website is built) plays a role in how search engines will rank that site. Clean, well structured and no much error scripts allow the search engines to crawl your site effectively and find what they are looking for. Your ranking is nagatively affected whenever you make it difficult for search engine to crawl on it.

#3. Inbound links:
Something you probably do not know about inbound links. Inbound links count as vote of relaibilty to your blog/website, this makes search enging see your site as quality and a reliable source of information to searchers looking for what you blog about.
A link to your site from a popular site your niche is quit relevant, the sites popularity coupled with the fact that it shares subject matter to your own, make these links very valuable in the eyes of search engines. Buying backlink is bulk backlinks is damn stupid becaus you don't know where you be given backlink from most of those backlinks are spammy so it's adviceable you build your backlink manually.

#4. Load Time:
How quick does your blog load? The load speed of your website is another factor search engines has begun considering in their rankings algorithms. A fast-loading site makes a smooth user experience, and is also a consideration if you want to improve your rankings as well.

#5. Update Frequency:
If you update your blog regularly search bots will frequent your blog to know whats new. Search engines like sites that are attended to regularly, when those search engines index your site and see that it is constantly changing and being added to, it will be accounted for your blog given a positive ranking considerations.

#6. Social media:
You shouldn't be ignorant of the power of social media earlier we dicsussed of inbound links, links from social media also impact search engine rankings. Tons of traffic can be driven to your site if you are active on the social media, it can also boost search engine rankings.

#7. Uptime/Downtime:
It is impossible for search engines to rank a site if it is down. Server uptime will play a role in overall rankings. Regardless of the fact that blogger is a free host I still see it as one of the best, I've never experienced downtime on the blogger blogging platform. If your server environment is unreliable and often down for maintenance, not only will you will this make your reader look else where, but it also will also affect your ranking. Whenever search engine bots visit your site they find it unavailable, what do they do? They look for an available site to fill your ranking position.

Traffic is the life of every blog and SEO is a great source of getting Traffic (life) to your blog. If you really want to increase search engine rankings, implement the factors and tips in this article and see your blog in the next level.

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Top 7 Factors That Determine Your Search Engine Rankings
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Loading time of the website is also strong point to consider to determine rank our website in search engines. I also do strong focus on it.