10 Best Social Media Apps for Android

Social media is being seen as an interaction between people, in which information is being created, shared, and exchanged in virtual communications and networks. The social media is being known in different forms, which include social blogs, weblogs, magazines, internet forums, podcasts, video, social networks, rating and social bookmarking. Actually, we have six major types of social media, which includes;

  • ·         Collaborative projects – eg, wikipedia
  • ·         Blogs and microblogs- eg, twitter and tumblr
  • ·         Content communities- eg, youtube
  • ·         Social networking sites- eg, facebook
  • ·         Virtual game world- eg, world of warcraft
  • ·         Virtual social worlds- eg, second life

Today’s stroll, I would brief you guys on the top 10 best social media apps for android. With the apps I would highlight below, you would be thoroughly connected into the social world on the web.

  • 1.       Facebook-
Facebook social media app is the mostly used social media app by android users with lots of impressive and unique features. With facebooksocial media app, you can easily share updates with your friends on facebook, you can also share pictures and videos with them. You also get notified whenever you’re being messeged by a friend, or your updated status has a comment. Another fun about the facebook social media app is that it also lets you play some interesting games on it. I do advice you get connected to facebook through its social app.

  • 2.       Twitter-
Twitter social app is another popular social media app that is also widely used by android users. With the twitter social app, you can easily get connected to people, express yourself and also get to discover the things you love. The twitter app also lets you express yourself easily with emoji, text, photos, vines, emoticons, and video. I also recommend you download the twitter social media app, it’s very useful.

  • 3.       BBM App-
BBM also known as blackberry messenger, is a very common app that was formely used by blackberry users only, is now common to android users after the quick launch of the app on andriod. With the BBM app, youget connected to your friends and family through instant chats, voice calls, voice notes, media shares and many more. I highly recommend the BBM app for android users; it’s an interesting social media app.

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  • 4.       Instagram-
Instagram is another cool social media app that lets you share photos and videos with your fans and followers in your photo feed. The instagram social media app also gives room for unlimited uploads of your media and also lets you share and follow your friends feeds with just a single click. I advice you also get connected to instagram, it’s a really great social zone.

  • 5.       Youtube-
Youtube is known to be a google branded app and also the most popular social media app for video coverage which lets you upload unlimited number of videos into your youtube channel, and also watch lots to fun video that you really love. One lovely feature about the youtube social media app is that you can easily search for your favourite video by using a voice search. If you don’t have the youtube social media app on your device, then you’re really missing.

  • 6.       Whatsapp Messenger-
The whatsapp messenger is another exclusive social media app that has really won lots of android fans within a short period. Whatsapp messenger lets you send instant chats to your contact list which are connected to whatsapp, and also lets you share photos and videos with your family and friends. The whatsapp messenger acquires lot of impressive features, which includes, group chats, privacy setups, status updates and many more. There is no hidden cost using the whatsapp messenger, so get connected now.

  • 7.       Skype-
The skype social media app is also an impressive social media app that lets you communicate to your love ones through voice and video calls. it's also one of the best android app for video calls. I also recommend the skype social media app for android users, its really a great social media app.

  • 8.       Tumblr-
Tumblr is another popular social media app that lets you share anything from everywhere. With tumblr social media app, you can easily share your favourite photos, gifs, music, videos and many more. You would easily get updated with latest news and updates from your tumblr dashboard; you can also include the ‘create post’ widget on your home screen, view and reply messages and many more features.

  • 9.       Telegram messenger-
Just like the whatsapp messenger, the telegram also lets you sends instant chats to your friends and family, and also lets you share photos and videos. The telegram messenger is an ultimate alternative to usingwhatsapp, so I advice you get connected to any of the two messenging apps, because it would be so unsocial of you having none.

  • 10.   Stumbleupon-
Stumbleupon social media app is a popular social media app that gives hand towards social bookmarking. With stumbleupon social media app, you get to find more dicoveries which can be easily shared via facebook, email, twitter and sms. It also lets you create list and categories for your favourite topics and also enables you to follow other loved contents. I highly recommend the stumbleupon social media app for bloggers; it’s very helpful to them.

Hope the above social media apps helps you towards connecting to the social world, because having the above social media apps increases your chance at being informative. If you have any other related social media app that you know that suppose to make the top 10 list, you can bring it down in the comment section. 

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10 Best Social Media Apps for Android
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