Bluetooth 4.2 Finally Unveiled with New Features, Improved Speed and Security

Yap! The latest version of Bluetooth, which is the Bluetooth 4.2, is finally unveiled with some new features attached to it. This latest version of Bluetooth is said to enhance the compatibility of most smart devices and make connectivity faster and more secured. The Bluetooth 4.2 also allows direct connection via the internet routers and even hot-spots which is to use low power IPv6/6LoWPAN protocols. This is really a cool advancement and would be very beneficial for the small low power IOT devices. And this would also make the home automatons as well as the next generation of wearable.

Below is a brief statement by Mark Powell, the executive director of Bluetooth SIG.

“Bluetooth 4.2 is all about continuing to make Bluetooth Smart the best solution to connect all the technology in your life – from personal sensors to your connected home. In addition to the improvements to the specification itself, a new profile known as IPSP enables IPv6 for Bluetooth, opening entirely new doors for device connectivity. Bluetooth Smart is the only technology that can scale with the market, provide developers the flexibility to innovate, and be the foundation for the IoT.”

Talking about privacy, the Bluetooth 4.2 would strongly generate protections against beacons which would easily track and send notification to a close Bluetooth device. This is really a great advancement, and the Bluetooth 4.2 is 2.5times faster than the previous version of Bluetooth. Let’s keep on touch till the mid of 2015 when the Bluetooth 4.2 have been pushed to most devices.

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Bluetooth 4.2 Finally Unveiled with New Features, Improved Speed and Security
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