How to Enable Automatic Speakerphone Mode On Android

Activating automatic speakerphone mode on your android phone is quite helpful. However, this function helps to switch on the speakerphone of your android, when you’re moving your phone away from your ear, and it switches off once your phone is close to your ear.

This automated switch is really great and the mode makes use of the proximity sensor to execute such automation, by detecting when your phone is close to your ear or not. However, if you are using any type of headset, it will definitely turn the speaker off, regardless of the proximity sensor and also use the headset.

With this little app codenamed, “Auto Speaker”, you can easily enable such feature. Some other benefits of this app is as follows:
  •  Paying little heed to sensor status, enact the speakerphone toward the start of a call
  •  Alternative to begin the speaker at most extreme volume, perfect if the telephone is utilized as a part of uproarious situations
  •  Impair the speakerphone when android phone is situated to quiet or vibrate mode
  •  Alternative to keep the screen on when the speaker or earphones are being used
  •  Alternative to set a postponement before it on/off the speaker
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How to Activate Auto Speaker

1.       Firstly, download Auto Speaker from playsore.

2.       After downloading, launch the app and activate the service.

3.       Just in case you’ve any problem (like not detecting your device position), simply go to settings menu >> calibration option, then follow the on screen instruction.

That’s it. You can now enjoy the new features the app has implemented on your android phone. However, you can make assign other function setup from the app and as long as your android phone features the proximity sensor (almost all android does feature this function), the app would definitely work.

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How to Enable Automatic Speakerphone Mode On Android
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