Download Siegefall v1.0.1 for Android – Full APK and OBB/Torrent

Siegefall is a steady and methodical strategy management game which is set in a medieval fantasy era. However, it strategies about the Journey to an epic realm where great battles and wars are fought over kingdoms and crowns. Challenge millions of players in fast, tactical action as you take direct control of your battle forces to break through their castle defenses using raw might and your mastery of magic.

According to Gameloft, below shows some summarized features of the game.

● Amass an army of specialized troops including sneaky rogues, horrifying trolls, and heavy-fisted knights.
● Deploy your army and take direct control of your Hero in battle to exploit enemy weaknesses.
● Master Magical Cards to enhance your strategy: Launch destructive boulders of fire, freeze enemies and conjure the fire of the Dragon! Dozens of different cards to win for free and enhance the action.

● War is never free! Build mines, sawmills and farms within your castle to keep your kingdom’s war effort running.
● Defend your kingdom with strategy! Build defense towers, explosives, traps, barricades and walls to ward off greedy invaders looking to lay siege to your castle.
● Build and upgrade your fort through 4 different medieval ages -- from wood and iron to gold for a diverse game experience!
● Battle with player’s worldwide and lay siege to their castle for resources in all-out action. And then keep your castle free from their revenge!

● Epic Heroes: Unlock rival leaders and their abilities as you progress through the solo campaign and grow your kingdom. Always choose the right hero for the best strategy!
● Amazing graphics with stylized art that makes the action epic to watch, while making your hero, army and buildings easy to identify.

How to Install Siegefall v1.0.1 APK and OBB data
1.       Firstly, download the Apk file and the .obb data to a folder (where you can easily locate them).
2.       After that, install the APK file.
3.        Next, locate the .obb data and extract the file/data to (SDcard/Android/obb)

Just in case you find the game difficult to install, then I advise you read on this full guide on how to install Android Games with Obb, APK and Cache Data. It would help.

Where to Download Siegefall v1.0.1?

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Download Siegefall v1.0.1 for Android – Full APK and OBB/Torrent
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